Wednesday, February 22, 2012

21 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week, Baby C learns a very important lesson: how to have sleep/wake cycles. These cycles will be much like they are when he is born. Right now, his skin is still very translucent. His brain is also beginning another period of rapid growth. His weight gain should slow just a little bit as brain function and heart function become the main thing that his body is focusing on in the next few weeks. He also has a lot of little “details” now – toenails, eyelashes, and eyebrows! He is about 11 inches long right now and *should* weight between 12-13 oz. Ummm….not my little guy. Did you read my post yesterday? He’s huge. He was weighing in at a whopping 1 lb 1 oz yesterday. That’s 4-5 oz OVER what an average baby is right now!

My Symptoms: Oh my lordy – my back is KILLING me. It’s no wonder with him being so big, but it is hurting for sure! If I have to stand up for any length of time, it hurts like a crazy person when I move. Not cool! I also still have the same dumb cold from last week so I have not been feeling well at all. This past weekend was a 4 day weekend for me and I spent most of it (and LL, too!) feeling like crap. It’s not anything specific – just overall feel terrible. Sometimes headache. Stuffy/runny nose. Sometimes a cough. Sometimes body aches. It’s really weird. And miserable. It’s all from this crazy weather! One day it’s 40 and the next day it’s 80! My appetite hasn’t been great this week, but I totally think that’s because I haven’t felt well. My constipation has been better this week. It’s still not back to normal or anything, but I’ve been going more regularly, so that’s helped me feel a lot better. I also feel like my belly has moved UP some?? All of a sudden I can button all of my pants again and my belly sure isn’t getting any smaller. Is it possible that it’s shifted up?

Weight:  I didn't weigh myself this morning, so we'll just have to go by what I weighed in on Monday which was +1.5 lbs.  That puts me at a total of +3 lbs.  

Belly Pictures:  I ended up staying home sick today and slept literally all day.  But before that, I actually got up and got ready and tried to go to work.  Then, I just felt so terrible that I couldn't do it.  It's this dumb crud that I've had for a week.  But I attempted a picture this morning.  It's pretty horrible, but here it is.

Alright - right now I'm officially WAY bigger than I was at this point with LL!

Gender: He’s still a boy!! We made sure to ask them to check at our appointment in Macon on Monday – and he’s FOR SURE a boy! Yay!

Maternity Clothes: Still the same. Mostly regular with a few maternity thrown in here and there.

Movement: He has picked up in this department FOR SURE! He is getting super strong and I can even SEE some of his kicks now. He is a very active baby and even when he’s asleep, I can usually get him to wake up for just a second and give me a kick or two. I think I’m in for some STRONG kicks down the road, especially if he’s going to be so big! I LOVE this part of pregnancy and I really want to remember this feeling for forever!

Sleep: Terrible. Except for the last two nights, every night I’ve been sleeping terribly. I’m ready for my good sleeping to come back for good! We all know I’ll need it before he gets here!

What I Miss: Not feeling bad. I’m sick of this crud that I have. I also miss sleeping good.

What I’m Looking Forward To: We’ve started cleaning out his nursery! We still have a long way to go, but at least we’ve started. I’m excited to start getting some baby stuff in there and to make it look like a nursery. I’ve been nesting like CRAZY, so I’m ready to get in there and make it cute! I’m also looking forward to the next 3-4 weeks. We are SUPER busy, but it’s all with really fun stuff, so I’m really looking forward to it. Seriously, we only have ONE free weekend right now between now and April 14, but it’s all way fun stuff! At least if we’re busy, it’ll be stuff we enjoy!

Cravings: Sushi. Gah. It’s so bad. I want some so bad that I’d probably take someone down for it. How am I going to make it another 19 weeks? I’ve also been wanting a glass of milk before bed. And I ALWAYS want a cheeseburger. At almost any given point of the day. But I really want them home-made. Maybe I should put that on the menu this week….

Best Moment of the Week: Hands down our appointment on Monday. Just knowing that he is doing great is just the best news in the world. There’s been some drama on facebook about this whole situation with Baby C and my appointment and me being happy that we got good news, but I am *determined* not to let Satan use that to take the attention away from our good appointment. I am so thankful to have a God that allows me to pray for whatever I wish. There is nothing too small to pray about and I know that if it’s important to me, it is also important to my God. And I’m not going to let anyone try and tell me otherwise. I love the fact that I have a Savior that I can talk to like I talk to my best friend – I can tell him ANYTHING, how I really feel about things, and it doesn’t matter how big or small these things are. And He knows my heart and knows where I’m coming from. That is ALL that matters and I’m keeping my focus on that. If it is going to get misconstrued that my intentions are anything other than that – I can’t control that. My Jesus loves me and cares about my every feeling. Isn’t that what Fathers/Best Friends are for? I know that Matt loves to hear LL talk about anything – no matter how insignificant, silly, or not in agreement with it someone else might be. And my Jesus is no different.

It also really warmed my heart to hear LL talk about her “baby brother”. We’ve been trying to tell her for WEEKS that this baby is a boy, but she’s been pretty insistent that he is a SHE! I think she’s finally starting to grasp that we’re serious that he is a “he” and that we probably won’t change our minds about that – haha. She’s really not into touching my belly much, and that’s okay. She will talk to him and occasionally give him a kiss – so I’m just content with her doing what she’s comfortable with.

My Concerns or Questions: I still have several things to talk to Marie about (that I listed a few weeks ago), but I’ll see her next week so I should be able to cross it off of my list then! I also need to confirm with her that it’ll be fine for me to fly to California over spring break. I’ll be 26/27 weeks, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but I do want to check and make sure. Other than those things – I’m doing pretty good right now!

Goals for the Week: Finish cleaning out the nursery! I also need to call and schedule our 3D/4D ultrasound because we’ll probably get that done within the next month or so. I’d like to get it done before I go to California. Can I have another goal of getting rid of this cold? I’m so over it!



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