Wednesday, February 15, 2012

20 Weeks Pregnant!

Woah! Halfway there! To tell you that this pregnancy is flying by would be a gross understatement!

Baby Growth: Baby C is about 10 inches long from his head to his feet (a new way to measure! No more rump measurements!) which is about the length of a carrot or banana. He also should weigh about 10.5 oz, but considering that he weighed 10 oz at my ultrasound 2 weeks ago, he’s probably more than this by now! He’s been able to hiccup for about 4 weeks now, but it’s becoming more common and I may even start to feel it soon. Right now, Baby C is averaging about 18 hours per day of sleep and 6 hours per day of awake time.

This picture still measures crown to rump - which is why the length is different than what I posted above.  

My Symptoms: My energy is about the same as last week. I’m not going to bed at 7 or anything, but I’m usually in bed between 9 and 10 and I’m asleep not too shortly after that. I did not get any new bras last weekend, so it is still on my to-do list for sure. And while I’m not leaking or anything, I have noticed that I’ve started to produce coloustrum (sp??). Not much, but it’s there. This week my appetite has picked up like CRAZY. I literally feel hungry for a good portion of the day. My constipation has also been TERRIBLE this week. I hate it. It’s totally getting worse. I really need to still google if it’s okay to take a stool softener and if that’ll even help.

I’ve also been dealing with some random cold/allergy mess? I don’t feel terrible, but my throat is hurting a little (not bad) and I’ve got a random cough. My nose has also been so stopped up at night. I’m chalking it up to the crazy weather we’re having and hoping that it’ll clear up soon.

Weight: Not bad. I’ve gained another half a pound. But considering that I’m STILL dealing with constipation (and probably will for the duration), I figured that I might as well start factoring that in with my weight. All of my pregnancy stuff says that I should have gained between 8-12 lbs right now, so considering that I’m sitting at a whopping 1.5lb weight gain, I don’t think that’s too bad.

Belly Pictures:

Gender: It’s a boy! As silly as it sounds, we’re going to have our tech check again to make sure at our level 2 ultrasound next week. Matt and I both left my ultrasound 2 weeks ago not feeling like this is 100% a boy. There were just a few shots that really looked like girl to us. So we’re going to ask her to look just to make sure.

Maternity Clothes: Same still. Mostly regular clothes with some maternity thrown in. Is it crazy that I’m back to being able to button my regular pants? For awhile there I was using a hair tie, but I think my belly has shifted upwards some and now I can button them again!

Movement: It is getting so much stronger! I’m able to feel about ½ of the movements outside of my belly now! Matt has even felt him move a couple of times and I’m totally loving it. Baby C is also starting to become very active. This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Sleep: Well, after two weeks of awesome, it’s gone back to pretty bad. I’m not sleeping terrible, but I’m for sure not sleeping well. I’m also having to get up to pee in the middle of the night again (well, usually about 3 am) and then it seems like it takes me forever to fall back asleep. Totally not cool.

What I Miss: I’m still doing pretty well in this area! Loving this stage of pregnancy for sure!

What I’m Looking Forward To: A long weekend this weekend! Especially, a long weekend with not a lot of plans. I have Friday and Monday off for a “Winter Break”. We also have my level 2 ultrasound on Monday. While I’m a tad nervous about it, I’m also mega excited to get to see our little guy again.

Cravings: SUSHI!! Like a crazy person!! It is driving me INSANE! And, no, I haven’t had any at all. Even the cooked kind.

Best Moment of the Week: Matt getting to feel Baby C kicking. He’s been looking forward to it so much and I’m excited that he finally can feel it. I also had a sweet moment with LL Monday night. We always pray with her right before bed. We pray, and then she prays. Lately, her prayers have been mega short, “Thank you for this day, I love you, Amen”. We just kind of have left it alone and known that she would go back to praying a little longer and more normal (haha) eventually. We’ve never gotten onto her about it because we never want to discipline her concerning her prayer life. We def don’t want a negative association with it, for sure! Well, Monday night she held me really tight and prayed for forever. She just spent a long time thanking God for EVERYTHING! I loved it. And the baby was on the list, so that really warmed my heart. Speaking of LL, she has been SO SWEET this entire week. Like, her normal sweetness times about 50. She has been such a pleasant girl at home, and so loving and kind. I have been soaking up every single minute of it!

My Concerns or Questions: Anxious for my ultrasound next week to see if we’ll (hopefully) get some more answers. I haven’t heard anything from Southern OB about my bloodwork (which is a good thing! They only call if something is wrong!) so I’m assuming that that is one more great sign that Baby C is going to be perfectly fine! It would be wonderful if his cysts were gone by our appointment on Monday! And I STILL have to talk to Marie about the other things I’ve had on my list for forever. I see her at the beginning of March, so I’ll have a TON to talk to her about then, I’m sure.

Goals for the Week: Start cleaning out the office/nursery! I spent allllll last weekend cleaning house like a crazy person, so now I’m ready to tackle that room! Nesting has hit FOR SURE!


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