Wednesday, February 1, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant!

Yay!  Hello month 5!  Happy to see you!

Baby Growth:  From head to rump, Baby Mullican is measuring about 5 1/2 inches long and weighs almost 7 oz!  His/her ears have made their way to their final position on the head, even though they still stick out quite a bit.  

My Symptoms:My nausea is MUCH better. I don’t think there have really been any mornings this week where I have felt nauseated. I haven’t thrown up at all, either. Maybe this stage is finally behind me! I start to feel pretty bad if I get too hungry, but it isn’t really nauseated – just overall feeling bad. I also haven’t had any really bad headaches this week. I’ve had a couple that felt like they were coming on, but they went away pretty quickly and didn’t bother me a ton.

My energy is still pretty good. I’m not running marathons by any means – but I usually have enough to make it through a school day, cook dinner, and spend time with LL and Matt. Some nights I have enough energy to get some chores done after she goes to bed, but some nights I’m pretty tired and don’t make it much past 9:00.

My belly doesn’t feel as “heavy” as it has the past couple of weeks. It does start to hurt pretty low down if I stand and do stuff for an extended period of time (ie: cook dinner), but once I sit down and rest, that goes away pretty quickly. My back is still hurting a good bit, but it’s been better this week than normal. It still doesn’t feel “good”, but I don’t feel like it hurts all of the time right now.

Weight: I told you last week that I thought that I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight because I was constipated –and I was completely right!  After I “un-backed up” (gross, I know), I was still .5 – 1lb down.  I’m starting to get backed up again, so right now I’m sitting at -.5lbs or right at my pre-pregnancy weight depending on what day it is, but I knew that I knew that I was right last week!

Belly Pictures:  This is a CRAZY week and Matt was out of town this morning, so I had to take my pics myself.  Also, I should probably explain that we're allowed to wear jeans at our school on Wednesdays, so that's why I look casual a lot in my pics!  Rarely do I dress up on a jeans day!

Gender: Should be finding out soon!  I’m definitely on board for team girl!  Have you picked a team yet?  You can go to my babypool and enter your guess and you might even win my giveaway!  I had a dream Monday night that we went to the ultrasound and the baby was indeed a girl.  Other than my crazy twin dream a few weeks ago, this has been the ONLY dream about the baby that I’ve had.  I wonder if it’s right??  I guess we’ll see!

Maternity Clothes:About the same as last week.  I’m still wearing regular clothes about 80 – 90% of the time, but I’ll sneak in some maternity clothes here and there.  I’m still 100% in regular pants.  The only thing that I’ve been wearing that is maternity is tops or dresses.

Movement:I’m still feeling a good bit.  It’s still not crazy strong yet, but I can definitely feel it.  I *think* I might have felt some hiccups a couple of times, too?  Not sure.  I know that I used to feel it when LL would have the hiccups ALL the time, but that was much later in my pregnancy.  Also with LL, she would move a ton during the day, but never a night (which is opposite of what you read a lot of times), but the other night I felt this baby moving every single time that I rolled over.  It was constant all night long!   It’s also funny because sometimes I’ll feel this baby super low and then other times, I’ll feel it all the way up near my belly button.  It’s so funny!

Sleep:Overall, my sleep has been wonderful this week.  I’ve been going to sleep quickly at night and sleeping soundly.  I don’t think I’ve been tossing and turning as much, either. 

What I Miss:I’m doing pretty good at this right now.  I don’t think that there’s much that I miss this week.

What I'm Looking Forward To:Our upcoming ultrasound!  So excited!  Also, LL’s birthday, birthday party, AND my kid’s sale is this weekend.  It’s going to be SO BUSY!  But it’s all stuff that I love, so I’m excited, too.  J

Cravings:Not a ton this week.  Orange juice still a little, but not as bad.  I did want a cheese Danish the other day, but all Matt could find at the store was Raspberry.  I still ate it.  When I finally found cheese Danish at another store, it was Heaven.

Best Moment of the Week:Friday night Matt and Clint went to a “Beast Feast” at our church, so Sarah and I decided to go out to dinner, too.  It was so fun to just hang out and catch up!  We also went and found some cute new dresses for LL before we picked her up and headed home.  We also had LL’s 3 year pictures with Lindsay Colson this weekend and I am SO EXCITED to see them!

My Concerns or Questions:I still need to talk to Marie about the things that I mentioned last week: going natural and if she’ll come in for me if I go into labor on my own.  I’ve also started worrying a good bit this week.  Now that I’m pretty much in the “safe zone” and don’t worry about miscarrying anymore, my fears about something being “wrong” with this baby have started increasing.  I know that it’s just Satan and a way for him to bring me down, but it’s still happening nonetheless!  I just have to remember that God already knows everything about this baby and has specifically chosen this baby for us!

Goals for the Week: Survive!  Funny, but totally serious.  I have to get all my stuff ready for the kids’ sale.  I have to finish her party stuff.  Matt is out of town.  The list goes on and on!  I couldn’t put it all here if I wanted to!


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Emily said...

If you are thinking about going natural I highly recommend the bradly method! The sooner you start doing the exercises and stuff the more prepared you will be! Excited to seelorelai's pics and for her party!