Thursday, January 26, 2012

Showering Baby Blitzen

Back in October (I know - I'm still playing catch-up!) I hosted a shower for Emily and Baby Blitzen.  This was my first time every hosting a shower for someone who didn't know the gender of the baby.  I wanted to keep it neutral, but I am NOT a fan of the green/yellow route.  Ashley and Crissy offered to co-host and help me with the food and that really helped me out a TON!  Thanks, ladies!  This was also the morning that I found out I was pregnant, and let me tell you, holding it in during a BABY SHOWER is tough work!

                            Waiting for people to show up....

One of my gifts for Emily.  It's a blessing ring.  I found it on at this shop and fell in love with the idea!

         This is the card that explains the concept of a blessing ring.

                                     A note for the guests....

The food

I told the girl that I wanted a gender neutral cake and I ended up with one with pink all over it!  Funny, since Blitzen turned out to be a girl, huh?  :)

The guest of honor!  Doesn't she look GREAT?

We played some pretty fun (but classic!) games.  First, a "what's in my purse" game.

Next up, candy bars in diapers, of course!

Finally, guess that babyfood!

                                  Me and my lovely co-hosts!

It was a pretty intimate shower, but I think it was still fun.  And it's always fun to celebrate a new baby!  Emily did a more detailed post on it here if you want to read it!



Unknown said...

I STILL can't believe you had just found out that morning! Crazy! Also, I am glad that Blitzen ended up being a girl because the blessing ring matches her room perfectly!

Emily said...

It really does match her room so great! is it bad that I think I look better then than I do now????

Robyn said...

Em - I totally think you looks AWESOME to only be like 6 weeks out!