Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Riding in Style

This past summer, my sister bought her dream car.  I don't know a lot about cars, but I can tell you that it's a Mercedes and it's a convertible.  That's really all you need to know, right?  

Anyway - she came down this fall for a visit and drove her new car.  We went over to my mom's house to see her, but then we were going to my dad's house for a meal.  I know this is crazy but yes, my parents are divorced and, yes, they live in the same neighborhood.  I'll admit - it's pretty weird and a little awkward at times.  

My sis is super comfortable with driving Ben around in the Mercedes, but I'll be honest - I don't know if it's something I could do with LL.  It makes me pretty nervous.  However, I really wanted to drive the car, so I decided to drive it to my dad's when we went - and take LL with me!  It is literally probably less than a mile (and obviously I didn't even have to leave the neighborhood), so I didn't feel nervous about it at all.  I mean, we didn't even get over 35 mph. :)  

Here are a few cute pics from our wild and crazy drive!

We look awesome, right?  ;)

LL LOVED it, but she shouldn't get used to it at all - mommy totally doesn't drive anything close to a convertible - haha.


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