Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Goals

I think it's important to set goals every year.  Some years I have more than others, but even having some is enough.  We all should be working to improve ourselves every year.  Statistics show that people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them over people who don't.  That's a big jump!  So here we go...

1 - Start a family bible study at least 2 nights a week.  While I think that we should be doing this more than 2 nights a week, I think that this is a good place to start.  Realistically, going from 0 nights to 7 nights is pretty slim to just accomplish, so I'm trying to set a realistic goal.  Once we reach this, we can adjust it higher.

2- Make time in my own life to have more private time with God.  Isn't this an area that we can all ALWAYS improve on?  Who ever reaches "enough"?  I don't think anyone.  While I don't ever think you reach the top on this, I'm pretty low on the list.  I need to work on this for sure!

3 - Continue to support Matt and be an encouragement to him.  He has a really hard job, and I need to stand behind him and be his biggest cheerleader.  I need to be his biggest fan and supporter.  His kind words can stick with me for DAYS, and I need to remember that mine can do the same for him!

4 - Organize our house to it's maximum capability.  While the reality of us moving out of this house any time soon is really slim, we can really improve on how we use the space that we have.  Sure, our house isn't huge, but it isn't as small as I like to think sometimes.  We've started to organize it better, but we have a long ways to go!

5 - Enjoy my one-on-one time with LL as much as I can before the new baby comes.  The reality is, I only have six more months with my baby before our world changes for forever.  It'll never be just her again.  I need to cherish these times with just her before Baby Mullican comes along!

6 - Continue to take care of myself.  I think that 2011 was my best year in keeping myself up.  I want to continue on that same path this year!

7 - Be more of an encouraging, thoughtful friend.  I need to start writing on more Facebook walls, sending more cards, writing more texts, etc.  I really want to be the kind of friend that I would like to have!

8 - Continue to keep a clean house.  I've done better on this than years past, but it's still a work in progress.  Keeping up on laundry is a big one for me!  I need to plan a "schedule" for keeping house and stick to it!

9 - Work with LL on manners and becoming more of a participant in our household.  Her manners are pretty good, but I'm really working on making them consistent.  By the end of the year, I'd like her saying please, thank you, yes ma'am/sir, no ma'am sir, etc. completely ON HER OWN every time.  She's also in a really big "I want to help" phase and we need to turn that into regular duties at home.  She's really bad about just throwing things down when she's done with them, and she needs to know to put them back where they go.  This ESPECIALLY applies to the car.  She'll play with toys in the back and then just throw them on the floor instead of putting them back in the bucket.  We need to start working on this NOW!

10 - Stay current on Facebook photo albums.  I'm SO BEHIND on these right now.  I need to get caught up and STAY caught up.

11 - Continue to do even better at blogging than I did last year.  I know that I can, I just have to do it!

12 - Have date nights with Matt.  I know this'll be harder once the new baby comes, but we need to keep this a priority.  Our marriage comes first!

13 - Breastfeed the new baby as long as I can.  With LL, my milk dried up not long after I went back to work.  I tried to still pump/nurse at night, but my supply didn't hold up.  I'm hoping that even after I go back to work this year, I can find a way to pump during the day to keep the baby on breast milk as long as possible.

Alright - this is about it!  Do you have any goals for the year?


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