Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap - Part 1 (January - June)

Wow.  I can not believe that 2011 is already over!  I swear, once you have kids, the years FLY by!  It all needs to slow down!  Here's a little re-cap of how our year went:

January: We had a pretty relaxed month.  We took LL on her first trip to Wild Adventures.  

She also got her first "fancy dress" made by Grammy and looked SO CUTE in it!

February:  We celebrated LL's 2nd birthday with an owl-themed birthday.

The weather warmed up for a few days, so we celebrated with our first picnic of the year at the park!

We also started our garden for the year.

March: This is the month where we really started to get busy!  We celebrated Kye's 2nd Birthday.

We went to the Azalea Festival in Valdosta.

LL and I took our annual girl's trip (plus Ben!) to Macon for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I got a new car - and my first NEW car!

April: This was another busy month for us!  We took LL to the local strawberry patch to pick some berries.

We took another spring trip to Wild Adventures.

We celebrated Matt's 31st birthday!

We celebrated Easter.

This is the month that we also found out that we were pregnant.

May: We took LL fishing for the first time.

LL started swim lessons.

My sister and I took a girls' trip to Savannah, GA for a long weekend.

June: This was the month that we started slowing down a little.  Part of it was due to losing the baby, and part of it was due to the fact that we were trying to beat the summer heat!

We celebrated Father's Day.

We spent a lot of time taking LL to the pool and the park.

LL continued swim lessons and did was doing great!


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