Friday, January 13, 2012

15 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week, baby Mullican is about 4 inches long (about the length of a large apple or a navel orange) and weighs about 2.5 oz.  His/her body is now longer than the head and he/she can move all of their extremities very well!  Even though the eyelids are fused shut, the baby can sense light.  This means that if we put a flashlight up to my belly, baby might even move to get away from it.  If we were to have an ultrasound, it would be pretty plain to see if the baby was a girl or a boy.  Ossification also begins this week.  This means that all of those teeny tiny bones are starting to harden!

My Symptoms: Well, I'm crossing my fingers that I am *mostly* over this dumb morning (ha - more like all day) sickness.  I haven't thrown up at all this week and my nausea has been getting MUCH better.  Really, the only time that I'm nauseated is if I get up super early in the morning (which I do every day now since school is back in) or if I get super hungry.  Other than that, I typically feel pretty good!

I can also tell that I have really gotten a lot of energy back.  While I don't feel up to running a marathon or anything, I for sure don't feel like I'll die if I don't go to bed at 7:00 pm anymore.  I'm loving the feeling of starting to get my energy back. 

I have noticed that I have been extremely emotional this week.  Maybe my hormones are getting adjusted again now that I'm in the 2nd trimester?  I don't know.  But I've been sort of a crazy person.  I'll be happy one minute, crying the next, and then mad as a hornet.  And I can't seem to control it at all.  I do not like feeling emotionally unstable!

Also this week, my stomach has felt so HEAVY.  Like, literally HEAVY.  I've even taken a bath several times (something I rarely do!) because it takes the pressure of my belly off of my body - haha. 

Weight: I've weighed a couple of times, and each time I get a different reading.  It ranges anywhere from gaining half a pound to a pound.  This puts me at either -1 or -1.5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Either way, I'm still doing pretty good!

Belly Pictures: So here's the deal.  Now that school is back in, I have two options.  I can either take my picture super early in the morning before school (like 6 am!) and look not so great because it's crazy early OR I can take them after I get home from a long day and also not look so great.  Either way, you can see the outcome - not looking so great!  This morning, I opted for first thing in the morning.  Mornings and I don't really get along, so you have been warned.

Gender: This is totally weird, but I have COMPLETELY flipped and now I think the baby is a boy!  How weird is that?!?  So now I'm completely confused and have no idea what in the heck is going on.  We should find out in the first part of February, so we'll know soon!

Maternity Clothes: Nope.  Still not at all.  But I'm probably going to have to start wearing my bella band soon because some of my pants are starting to get pretty uncomfortable when I sit down.

Movement: Yes!  Especially in the later part of the week!  It's still not mega strong, but I've been feeling it every day!  I love it!

Sleep: I have been sleeping much better this week!  I'm sleeping very lightly lately which is odd for me.  Is that a normal pregnancy thing?  But while I'm sleeping lightly, I'm not restless so that's a very good thing.  Also, I've been sleeping on my stomach a lot this week.  This kind of came out of nowhere.  Kinda weird?  But it's still comfortable, so I'm not worried about it.  I haven't woken up to my legs/arms being randomly asleep/numb, so that makes me feel better, too.

What I Miss:  Nothing really!  I'm loving this stage of pregnancy, so there's not much to miss!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our upcoming ultrasound!  And finding out the gender!  And just knowing that these movements are going to get stronger and stronger!

Cravings: Still orange juice.  I drank a whole container this week.  And it was SO good!  I'm going to have to get some more this week!  Also, Hershey Pie.  Oh my gosh - this was my first legit "I've got to have it or I'll go crazy" craving.  I've been eating some every day and it's soooo good!

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing the heartbeat!  (Post to come).  Also, Matt and I took some time for ourselves and had a date night.  It was so nice to make some time just for us and we had a really good time!

My Concerns or Questions:  Not really. Feeling okay about everything right now!

My Goals for the Week: Get more stuff done for LL's birthday!  It's coming up soon and we have to get ready!!


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