Saturday, January 14, 2012

15 Week Doctor's Appointment

Thursday, I had my first doctor's appointment in a month!  I'll be honest, it was a little nerve-wracking having to transition from going to the doctor every week (like I did from weeks 6-11) to having to get on a more "normal" schedule and waiting 4 weeks.  While I knew that things were fine, it was still hard to wait that long for confirmation!

We had decided several weeks ago that we wanted to take Lorelai to this appointment with us so that she could hear the heartbeat.  We hadn't take her when we heard the heartbeat at earlier appointments because we just wanted to make completely sure that we knew things would be fine when we went.  One of the things that I was always so thankful for was that LL was not at the doctor's appointment with us when we found out that we lost the last baby.  I just never wanted her to be a part of anything like that.

All of that being said, this is the first time that we have ever take LL to a doctor's appointment that wasn't for herself.  I was a little nervous as to how she would behave since it's an environment that she's never been in before.  I'm happy to report that she did awesome!!  She was completely wonderful the entire time that we were there.

They weighed me while I was there and confirmed that I'm still down from my pre pregnancy weight by 1-1.5 pounds.  My blood pressure was completely fine, too.  It was 120 something over 60 something.  

When I got back to the room, that's when the nurse went to get Matt and LL.  While we waited for Marie, LL enjoyed finding pictures of herself on the wall.   She also took turns between sitting on my lap (and putting her feet in the stirrups!  haha!) and sitting beside me so that we could read books.  :)

Marie came in and the first thing she did was to look for the heartbeat.  She found it immediately (yay!) and I was surprised at how high up she found it!  At my 11 week appointment, she had to find it VERY low on my tummy.  This time, it was only about an inch below my belly button!  She said that it sounded absolutely fantastic and was reading in the 140bpm range.  

I totally didn't realize it, but Matt took a video of the heartbeat.  I'm SO happy that he did!  :)

After that, she asked if I had any questions/problems.  The only thing that I asked her about was that sometimes the lower part of my abdomen just gets really tender.  It doesn't hurt.  It's not a cramp.  It's just tender!  Sore, almost.  She said that it was probably just my uterus stretching/growing and that I might feel it worse if I really have to pee because my bladder is pressing on my uterus.  Overall, she didn't seem concerned at all.

Really, that's all we did this appointment.  We asked LL later what she got to do, and she said "Listen to the baby's heartbeat and it said 'woo woo'".  :)  I'm excited to keep taking her to appointments from now on!


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Joeylee said...

how sweet that your hubby took a video. I took Kaylee to the dr's with me and she would scream when I would lay down to get measured and she would stop when she heard the heartbeat. glad to hear that things are going well