Thursday, December 1, 2011

9 Weeks Pregnant

I know this is a day late, but man is it hard to get back into blogging! Between working 45 hours a week, being in my first trimester, and having a toddler – blogging has surely taken a backseat!

Baby Growth: This week, the baby is the size of a grape! Also, the baby is now officially a fetus instead of an embryo! The head is still pretty big and is measuring about the same size of the body. It is developing his/her tongue, lips, and nose. They eyes are there and already have eyelids! The baby is also starting to move around and moves its limbs a lot, but the baby is still too little to feel this. Little baby also has a gender now! Woo hoo! Last, but not least, the baby is forming it’s fingerprints this week.
My symptoms: Well, hello week 9! One of the things that I remember most vividly about my first trimester with LL was that week 9 was the week where I was the most sick! That has not changed for this baby! While I’ve had tons of nausea so far, I’ve only actually gotten sick once (and that was in the middle of the night at Disney). Well, that is no longer true. I woke up Wednesday morning (the day I turned 9 weeks) and felt fine. I went to the kitchen to fix my lunch, and had to run into LL’s bathroom where I got sick. Then, when I got to work I got sick again! This morning, I didn’t throw up, but I had to get meds in quick before I did. Having to work and be in my first trimester is HARD! Also on Wednesday, the baby was for sure on my sciatic nerve. LL did this a lot, so I completely remember the feeling. Wherever he/she was hanging out yesterday, they’ve moved because it hasn’t bothered me today at all. Lastly, there’s completely no hiding that I’m pregnant. I totally look it. One of my coworkers said today, “Oh my gosh! You look SO PREGNANT!” (Thanks, Rhonda!). And she’s totally right. I do. There’s no hiding it anymore.

Weight: Despite looking totally pregnant, I still haven’t gained anything! That’s good news!

Gender: The baby has one now! I’m about 99% sure that we’ll be finding out in about 9 weeks!

Maternity Clothes: Nope. I’m for sure going to wait as long as I can for this. I HATED my maternity clothes last time.

Belly button: Still in!

Movement: The baby is in there moving away like crazy, but I can’t feel it yet. I’m guessing that I’ll started feeling it at about 14 weeks. I felt it about then with LL (which is actually kind of early), so I think I’ll probably feel it early, again.

Sleep: I’m still going to sleep crazy early every night. While I’m not as tired during the day anymore, I’m exhausted at about 8:00 every night. Still waking up to go to the bathroom once a night (usually between 1:30-2:30), but I haven’t been having anymore nausea in the middle of the night.

What I Miss: Nothing really? Maybe the fact that my first trimester with LL was in the summer and I could totally just lay around with 0 responsibilities. That sure would be nice about now!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting out of the first trimester so that I can stop worrying as much. Hearing the heartbeat (maybe at my appointment next week??). Feeling the baby move!

Cravings: I’m finally starting to get some! Here they are 1 – Avacado. This has been a new love of mine (within the last 8 months) and I have been REALLY wanting some lately. SurEste, a local Mexican restaurant, has THE BEST taco salad with huge chunks of avocado in it, so I’m really wanting to go so bad!! Anybody want to take me? ;) And 2- pizza. This one is REALLY weird for me. I do not like pizza that much, and pizza really does not like me. After I eat it, I always get sooo sick. But I’ve really been wanting some lately. I told Matt this and he was completely shocked – I NEVER ask for pizza!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Feeling more optimistic. I’m still pretty nervous and I’m ready to hear the heartbeat for more reassurance, but this week I’ve really felt really positive about the whole thing. I’ve just had a peace that everything is fine and I really think that is a huge present from God. Hopefully I’ll feel this way for the next 3 weeks. 

My Concerns or Questions: I want to hear the heartbeat! If she doesn’t offer to do this at my appointment next Thursday, I’m going to be asking her about it for sure.

Goals for the week: Continue to rest if I’m tired. I really think this is key for my peace of mind to know that I’m doing all I can for this baby. We got NOTHING done on the office last week, and I’m really not surprised. Survive one more week of school – haha. 11 school days until Christmas vacation!



Emily said...

christmas break = CATCH UP ON BLOGGING TIME!!! ;) now i can rag you about it!!!!

Recording Megow Adventures said...

wait, where's the pic of you? ;)

Unknown said...

That taco salad sounds good! I'll take you! :)

Stephanie Smallsen said...

Hello, I just came across your blog be googling other pregnancy blogs. Im on my 9th week now, and just wanted to read some other posts to see what to expect :)