Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Weeks Pregnant!

Wow!!  Isn't this an awesome number to see!!  I've been looking forward to this day!  Even though, technically, I'm not in my second trimester until next week, right?  I have no clue.

Baby Growth:  Little baby Mullican is a little over two inches long and weighs about half an ounce.  This means that, from crown to rump, our baby is about the size of a lime.  Our little one can now move his/her hands and feet individually.  He/she can also respond to sensations in and around them and can even flinch in response.  They eyes have finally made their way to the front of the head and the ears are in place, also.  Some organs that are starting to work this week are: thyroid gland, pancreas, and gallbladder.  If we had an ultrasound this week, we might be able to see our baby smile, frown, squint, fold the lips, and even wrinkle the forehead!  The baby is starting to grow hair this week.  Finally, my placenta is finally starting to take over to provide nutrients and oxygen to the baby.

My Symptoms: This has been a crazy week!  Overall, my nausea has been better - but the weird thing?  I've been throwing up again!  It started on Friday (my last day of school), and has continued every day since then on an every-other-day pattern.  Weird, huh?  And EVERY time it has been in the morning when I've had NOTHING in my stomach.  I mean, how do you throw up when there's nothing in there?  Because I've been throwing up, it's led me to take Zofran this week.  I've needed it on both Friday (to be able to go to school) and Sunday (to be able to go to church), but that also comes along with a bad side effect: constipation.  So I'm trading one horrible thing for another.  Luckily, I'm out for Christmas break, so I don't HAVE to go anywhere - meaning I can get away without taking meds.   Another weird thing - I survived the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break with going to school every single day, being around 120 crazy sick kids, and not getting anything.  But then Sunday night after vacation has started?  Sick.  Totally not fair.  It for sure felt like sinus junk.  My throat hurt and I had a HORRIBLE headache.  I actually ended up asking Grammy to keep LL over Sunday night and all day Monday for me so that I could concentrate on getting better.  I went to sleep Sunday night at about 5:00 and slept most of the time until noon on Monday, only getting up here and there for a little bit.  I looked on my sheet from SouthernOB about what I could take, and loaded myself up on Tylenol and Sudafed.  Both of those things seemed to help a ton and I'm feeling much better now.

Weight: Lost another 2 pounds.  This brings me to -3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  This really doesn't make sense to me.  I know I've been getting for real sick this week, but when I throw up in the morning, I'm throwing up NOTHING.  I mean, there's no food in there.  So it's not like I'm losing nutrients.  And I'm still eating like regular.  I guess the baby is really starting to take nutrients from me now?

Belly Pictures: I'm actually feeling REALLY good about my body right now.  I know that I have a visible belly, but I feel like it's totally starting to look like I've got a small baby bump and not just like I'm fat.  I also think that this is an "acceptable bump" for 12 weeks.  Like, I'm getting to the point where (in my head) it's okay for me to be showing.  I ordered some belly stickers (from this shop on etsy!), so hopefully they'll be here soon!

This is me now and with LL.  Not too much of a difference, right??  Or am I crazy?

Gender: Still really feeling like this may be another girl.  I'm still not putting in my real guess for a few more weeks, but this is the way I'm leaning.  I think we're pretty set on our plan for what to do: find out the gender, tell everyone, but only tell people the INITIALS for the name.  That way there's still some sort of surprise.  But we still have about 6 more weeks to think about it.  :)

Maternity Clothes: Nope!!  Not for a LONG time, hopefully!

Movement: After talking to Marie last Friday, now I know that I AM feeling this baby!  I only felt it once or twice this last week, but it's still neat.

Sleep: Other than Sunday and Monday night when I was sick, I've still been sleeping pretty good.  I'm sure I'll get into a routine of napping now that I'm out for Christmas break.  :)

What I Miss: Not throwing up!  I won't be sad when this part is over!  

What I'm Looking Forward To: This whole Christmas break.  I'm not rushing anything!

Cravings: Not really anything this week?  Still really picky about what sounds good, but not really craving anything.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Hearing the heartbeat for sure!  And finding out from my doctor that I AM feeling the baby move!  Both things were AWESOME!

My Concerns or Questions: Not really any right now since I just had my appointment.  But I'm sure I'll think of some before next week!

Goals for the Week: Well, I don't need to clean my house!  It all looks awesome right now!  I do need to get some gifts wrapped and there are a few more that we need to make.  Other than that, we're going pretty good!


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