Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Week Appointment

Last Friday I went in to the doctor for my weekly shot.  When I got there, the place was almost empty!  I was a little nervous for a second that they were closed.  My appointment was at 3:30 and they close at 4, so I was literally the last appointment of the day!  Let me say - this time having the last appointment definitely worked in my favor!

I got back SUPER quick and barely had to wait at all!  When they weighed me, it showed that I had lost TWO MORE pounds since last week.  ??  What?!?  I'm really shocked because I've actually been eating pretty well!  I guess this baby is really soaking up all of my nutrients!

Matt didn't come with me this time because I had no idea if Marie would look for the heartbeat this week.  Because of the hard time that she had last week, I kind of figured that she wouldn't.  

I got straight back to a room, and Marie came in almost immediately.  And what did she come in with?  The doppler!  I was excited, but still pretty nervous.  What if she couldn't find it again??

She started looking again and said pretty quickly, "Hold on, let me chase this baby!".  Such a good thing to hear!  She finally cornered the baby and got him/her to stay in one place.  She found the heartbeat pretty quickly then and I couldn't help the big grin on my face!  She said that the heartbeat was between 156-159.  Lower than last week, but the bigger the baby gets, the more the heart rate will stabilize and become pretty consistent.  

As we were listening, we'd hear this pretty loud noise every once in a while that sounded kind of like radio interference.  I remember hearing that with LL, and I always just thought it was the machine.  On Friday, Marie said, "Do you hear that?  That's the baby moving."  So cool!  We talked about it for a minute and she told me to wait and that it would happen again - and it did!  

I thought this was a good time to bring up that I had really been thinking that I could feel this baby move.  I asked her if she would tell me that I was crazy if I told her that I really thought I could feel this baby move.  I told her where I was feeling it and what it felt like.  I also told her that I had little gas bubbles all the time, but that this was WAY different than that.  Then she told me the best news - that I was completely feeling the baby!  She said that if I was 250lbs, she would tell me that there was no way.  She said that if I told her I felt it up higher, she would tell me there was no way.  She said since I was thin and since this is my second time, that I was for sure feeling the baby!  AMAZING NEWS!

I also asked her about my uterus being tilted.  I wanted to know if it was going to effect my ability to have a vaginal birth, etc.  Then I got more good news; she said it was already starting to "un-tilt".  As the baby gets bigger (and my uterus gets bigger), it will start making it's way back to a normal position.  It can be dangerous if it doesn't start moving, but that mine is already out of that "danger zone".

I also asked her about how many more weeks she wanted me to get a shot for.  She originally said for 12 weeks, and Friday I was 11 weeks 2 days (and the shot lasts for a week), so I had no clue how many more times she wanted me to come in.  She said that she was feeling really good about my pregnancy and felt really confident in where it was going (umm...GREAT NEWS!) and that if I hadn't been having any cramping (which I haven't), that it would be my last shot.  

She scheduled my next appointment for 4 weeks and told me to call if I needed her!  A part of me is really nervous to have to wait 4 weeks to go back, but I just have to keep telling myself that if she was nervous at all, she wouldn't have me wait this long.  And her confidence is a great thing!

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Unknown said...

Wow! What a great visit! What a relief to have the "professional" be confident about it! And, to be told that you are thin is nice to hear..pregnant or not! I remember wanting to get my own little doppler thing to rest my mind in the beginning. I'm so glad that you had this visit right before the holidays, and now you can really enjoy your break knowing that Baby Mullican is totally healthy!