Monday, November 14, 2011

Holy Life, Batman!

Oh my.  I am just soooo not doing good with this blogging thing lately!!  Really, life has just gotten so amazingly crazy lately that blogging has been the last thing that I've had time to do! 

Here are some crazy things I've been up to:
-family in town a ton
-throwing a baby shower
-Matt working out of town a TON
-our first trip Aflac trip

And lets not forget, that silly little thing called work that takes up 40+ hours of my week.  Boo.

I swear, I don't know what happened, but the time change this year has kicked my butt.  For the first four days after the time change, I was asleep every night by 7:30.  No joke.  I'm just starting to feel normal again.  Hallelujah.

And on next week's agenda??  DISNEY WORLD!!

I promise, now that I'm no longer a walking zombie, I'll try as hard as I can to resume to a normal blogging schedule once we get back from Disney! 

Here are some posts that you can look forward to soon:
-Some new "LL-isms" (on video!)
-Emily's baby shower
-our first Aflac trip
-of course, DISNEY!

Please don't lose faith in me and keep checking back!


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