Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toddler Tips: Healthy Snacks

Since LL has been born I've really tried hard to make sure that she eats, for the most part, pretty healthy.  Don't get me wrong, she is allowed to have sweets in moderation - but they are not a huge part of her diet.  We were much more strict when she was 12-18 months than we are now. 

Even though we've gotten a lot more relaxed about her eating, she still eats pretty healthy.  Here are some of my (and LL's!) favorite go-to snacks that I never feel guilty about giving her!

I feel like these first two things are so typically "toddler snack food".  I mean, doesn't every child in American eat Cheerios and goldfish for a snack?  We do only the plain cheerios (occasionally the apple cinnamon ones) so I typically don't feel bad about giving them to her at all.  She is also in love with pretzels, so we give out lots of those, too.

We also like to buy just a plain box of chex to give her.  She loves them and, honestly, I do, too.  This is also one of my favorite snacks.

LL also really likes all of the Gerber snacks.  Her favorites are the fake Cheetos, the yogurt melts, and the puffs.  She'll take any of these in any flavor!

I would say that through this entire summer, her absolute favorite snack is raw carrots.  We can get her to eat them cooked, but she prefers them raw.  I buy the baby ones and she seems to like them best.  One morning, she at 7 as her snack!  I NEVER feel guilty about giving her these!
These Quaker mini-rice cakes are also a favorite around here.  They come in sweet and savory flavors and she tends to like all of them.  Honestly, for about a year or so, these are what she thought cookies were.  I didn't tell her any different!
Raisins are something I've been giving her since she was under a year old.  They don't tend to be her favorite things, but she will eat them.  She also likes prunes!
I'm not a juice mom at all, but I did understand when LL started wanting something with flavor to drink.  I'm not a huge water drinker, so I can totally see why she thinks it's bland.  The only "juice" I buy is this V8 fusion.  It has both fruits and veggies in it, has low sugar, and tastes great.  She still gets 90% water and only 10% juice in a sippy, but it's enough to flavor it a little, and I'm also sneaking in some veggies.  It's a win-win to me!
Do you have any healthy toddler snacks that I didn't mention?  I'm always down for new ideas!


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