Monday, September 5, 2011

Mini Me

For the most part, I think that LL looks *exactly* like her Daddy with just a teeny tiny bit of me thrown in here and there.  Then there are times where I look at her and think "woah girl!  you are are all your momma!".  Yesterday morning Matt had to leave for church super early because he was helping lead worship.  This meant that it was just me and LL getting ready for church at home.  I actually ended up getting both of us ready about 30 minutes early (winning!).  We ended up having a little mini- silly photo shoot on the couch while we were trying to kill time.  When I looked at these pictures later, I thought, "woah!  she looks just like me!"  So here's a look at me and my mini-me goofing off before church.  I hope this brings a smile to your face!  (please forgive the quality of these pics - they were taken using the "turn around" feature on my iPhone.  LL LOVES looking at herself while we're actually taking the picture).

                                             Mean face

Surprise face (or as LL would say - "ooprise!")

Happy Face

Silly Tongue - can you do this?  Did you know that this is a hereditary trait?  Either you can do it or you can't.  The Hubs and I both can do it - and so can LL!

Show Your Teeth face

"Woah" face

I'm a Crazy Person face

Another Mean face (LL's fav to do)

Super Model face

I hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day today!  I sure am happy to be home with this little angel instead of being at work!



Joeylee said...

love it! I usually throw out facial expressions and kaylee does them, I'll have to try them with her next time. how fun

Emily said...

kye said "there's ms robyn, ms matt (yes MS matt), and lorelai! shes my friend!"