Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I bet you didn't know...

My photobucket is acting CUH-RAY-ZEE and won't upload any of my pics.  :(  This means that my schedule post for today (Labor Day Weekend!) won't be up because I can't get the second half of my pictures to upload!  So on to plan B...

Some of you dear followers are my IRL friends.  And I love you for that!  And some of you are people that I've never met - and I think that's totally cool!  So today I'm going to give you 25 facts about me - and maybe some of those who know me in real life will learn something, too!

1. I hate jello. 
2. I am a dog lover to the core!
3. I have only flown once in my life - but that will all change next month!
4. I, evidently, (according to The Hubs) don't "spit right" when I'm brushing my teeth.  He says I make too much noise.
5. I was thisclose to changing LL's name to "Claire" when we were still in the hospital.
6. I LOVE fall.
7. I was in the band in high school.  And at my high school, that was the "cool thing".
8. I've been a christian since I was in the third grade.
9. I have a letter that The Hubs wrote to his future wife (me!) when he was younger. 
10. I'm addicted to oatmeal raisin cookies.
11. After my next kid, I'm done.  No more for me.
12. I have a very large birthmark on my back.
13. I *hate* it when people use "Johnny and I" incorrectly when it should be "Johnny and me".  Bugs me!
14. I have one tattoo.
15. I have never seen a significant amount of snow.
16. I haven't been to Disney World in 10 years and I can't wait until our trip in November!
17. The only beans I eat are green beans.  The rest are nasty.
18. I'm a pretty funny person - but not around The Hubs.  I'm crazy funny at work when he's not around!
19. The only time my best friend ever got her name on the board in school - it was my fault.
20. I don't do spiders.  At.  All.
21. I love reality TV.
22. I'm as stubborn as they come.
23. My dog is mentally handicapped. 
24. Losing my teeth is one of my biggest fears!  I have nightmares about it ALL-THE-TIME!
25. I can raise only one of my eyebrows at a time. 
Anything else you wanna know?  Now's your time!



Amanda said...

LOL, girl, that was only 25 facts, not 50! ;o) I'm a total grammar nazi too!

Robyn said...

I totally forgot to change that. It's fixed now. ;)

Recording Megow Adventures said...

I so did not know you had a tat :)