Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Thanks, Jamie, for having a day that I just think of everything that I'm loving!  It's great to have a good attitude!  Sorry no pictures in the post this week - I'm a slacker.  :( 

I'm loving that I'm feeling better!  I felt horrible at the end of last week.  It usually happens at the beginning of the school year for me.  Being around 140 kids will do it to you!

I'm loving that we had a FANTASTIC weekend at the Suwanee River last weekend (post to come!).  We desperately needed a weekend away and this one was perfect!

I'm loving my new header up top - are you?

I'm loving that The Hubs will be co-leading worship on Sunday.  I love to see him up there.  :)

I'm loving that we have NO PLANS this labor day weekend!  I'm hoping that we'll go to the Farmer's Market downtown this Saturday (if they're still doing it?!?).  I'm also hoping that we'll grill out a TON!  Obvs I'm looking forward to a Monday at home instead of at work.

I'm loving my new blog address - have you noticed?

I hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday!


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