Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Starting to get Crazy Over Here...

This past Friday night LL stayed with her Opa and Oma.  Now that they're living back in town, they've been wanting her to stay over more.  With the craziness this summer, she's only stayed over once.  With summer coming to a quick close, they wanted her to stay over again.  After our staycation the weekend before, we feel like we're newly married again - haha.  And what did we do when we were newly married?  We hung out with Clint and Sarah all the time!  So who did we call to hang out with on Friday?  Yep!  Clint and Sarah!  Did see what we did last weekend?  Check out my staycation post.

They came by the house and picked us up and we headed to the Smokin' Pig To Go to eat.  Smokin' Pig is hands down the best place to eat BBQ in town, and the To Go restaurant is way closer to our house, so we just went there.

After dinner, we came back to a nice little surprise.  Remember the time that I told you that Lola (our mentally retarded dog - no joke) tries to kill herself about twice a year?  Well, Friday was attempt #2 for 2011 (I won't tell you what she ate for attempt #1.  Trust me - you don't want to know).  When I went to the grocery store this week I stocked up on stuff that I want to take to school with me.  I always have snacks, water, soda, etc. at school so that I don't have to take as much with me on a daily basis.  Somehow, in the chaos in leaving for dinner, we left the bag of snacks within Lola's reach AND we left Lola inside without checking that first. 

When we got home, Lola took off out of the door - a sure sign that she's done something that she's not supposed to.  Out of my snack bag she ate an entire bag of blueberry Quaker rice cakes (not so bad) and....are you ready?  My fudge rounds.  There were 8 in there and we could only find 4.  We couldn't even find empty wrappers.  Ever hear that chocolate is bad for dogs?  Or about the time that Lola ate over a pound of chocolate (while on vacation in Atlanta) and we had to take her to the emergency vet because her heart was beating so hard that her whole body was beating?  And that she had to be injected with charcoal and water?  Yep.  This was re-visiting that.  We took her outside and gave her peroxide (one cap full every 5 minutes until she pukes - the vet just gives us home remedies now because this junk happens all the time. DISCLAIMER - don't give any HUMANS peroxide to make them puke.  This is a DOG ONLY remedy.  I don't need any law suits.)  Anyway - back to my story.  We gave her 2 doses of peroxide and stood out there for about 10 minutes.  She never puked.  She was on her own at this point!

We came inside played MadGab for awhile.  Have you ever played it?  SO FUNNY!  I seriously crack up every single time we play it. 

After MadGab, the boys played some boring golf game on the Wii and Sarah and I worked on our hair.  I did a new hairstyle that night.  Like it?

Sarah wanted to learn how to do hers also.  We're such girls!

After that we just hung out until a little after midnight talking and laughing.  I love spending time with good friends!!

And just so you know - Lola is fine.  LL found a fudge round stashed in her room today.  I guess Lola was saving it for later.  :)


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Stephanie said...

LOL... my dog actually eats my underwear. Its totally gross. I've done the peroxide trick sooo many times!