Monday, August 29, 2011

New Home

Have you noticed my new home? 

Let me explain...

I have a super sweet hubby.  He also is the kind of person who *always* has a hobby.  That's just who he is.  Because of this personality trait, he always wants me to have a hobby, too.  Occasionally I do, but there are periods of time where I really don't.  I mean, can going to get a massage be a hobby?  It probably can, but not one that we can afford! 

Lately (and by lately, I mean the past few months), blogging has really been something that I love.  It has been a great outlet, something I look forward to, and a wonderful log that I've been creating for our family.

Matt has totally noticed how much I've been loving it lately, so he decided to do something sweet for me.  He talked to my computer-savvy brother-in-law and together they figured out how to give me a new home.  Hadn't noticed?  Check the address bar.

Yep - is my new blog address!  Obviously the old address still works, too, but I'll be using this new one from now on!  The Hubs just said that it seems a little more "grown up" than having a .blogspot address and that if I was serious about this, he wanted it to look serious.  How sweet is that? 

Thanks, hubs!  And welcome to my new home!



Joeylee said...
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Joeylee said...

how sweet of your husband! I love your new look & header!

Unknown said...

Awwww! He is sweet!