Monday, August 1, 2011

LL: 29 months (July 2001)

I've really kind of missed doing my monthly posts lately, so I thought I'd do a little modified version.  Here's to hoping this is an easier way to do this!

What you look like:

Favorite picture this month:

What you're saying: Everything!  You talk up a storm constantly and I LOVE it!  We're working very hard on manners, so when people are talking and you want to put yourself in the conversation, you say "excuse me" about a million times until you're acknowledged.  It's a start.  :)  You constantly tell me that Lola is a boy (I guess because she has short hair), and whenever I try to tell you that she's a girl, you laugh and laugh and say "No, he's a BOY!".  You also are getting to where you do not like it when we say no.  Often your response will be "I say yes.".  We're working on it!  They built a new McDonalds in town and right now there is a HUGE Ronald McDonald on the top of it, and you are completely in love with him.  We told you who he was, and you ask to drive by so that you can wave to him all the time.  You call him "Ronald McDonald" about 50% of the time, and "Opa McDonald" about 50% of the time.

What you're eating:  Here are some things that you're loving this month:
-tomatoes.  You LOVE them!  You typically eat between 2-5 of them a day.  You just eat them whole like an apple!
-cheese.  This has ALWAYS been a favorite of yours and I don't really see this love going anywhere any time soon. 
-apples.  You've been chowing down on some apples this month.  I love that you love fruit so much and that it's not a struggle to get you to eat them.  You're even starting to do better with your veggies!

What you're wearing:  You're in all 2T clothing in shirts and dresses, but some of your skirts are still 24 or 18 months just because of your tiny waste.  They especially fit now that you're not wearing a diaper anymore.  Some of your dresses are also 24 or 18 months, but they're getting pretty short.  I'm still letting you get away with them because it's SO hot outside that the least amount of clothing possible is what's letting us survive.  You're in 2T/3T panties, and size 7 shoes.  I've started letting you "help" me pick out your clothes, shoes, and hairstyle.  I'll ask you shorts or dress, let you choose between 2 pairs of shoes, and for your hair, I'll ask you up or down, and if you say up, I'll ask you one or two.  You're loving having a choice in what you wear every day!

How you're sleeping:  You're sleeping perfectly!  You take between a 2-4 hour nap every day.  You go down at 1 and wake up anywhere between 3 and 5.  You go to bed around 7:30ish every night, but some nights it takes you awhile to go to sleep.  You're FINALLY starting to sleep in some in the mornings now that summer is coming to a close (of course).  You usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 which is totally sleeping in compared to the 5:30 - 6:00 that you wake up during the school year.  I've started hanging up a dark sheet over your windows during your nap time because it's been SO bright and it made you have a hard time sleeping for longer than an hour.  And you totally have to sleep longer than that for both of us to survive.  Time to get Grammy to make us some curtains so that we can get rid of the ghetto sheet!

Favorite toy:  Library books.  I've gone to the library twice this month to check you out books, and you LOVE them.  You literally want to read them 165768546 times a day.  Why didn't I think of checking out books from the library sooner?!

Favorite activity: Playing play-dough.  This is a new love that we discovered this month and it will totally keep you occupied for forever!  It is actually one of the things I used to keep you "busy" on the potty when we were potty training! 


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Joeylee said...

sounds like she is doing great! she is adorable. Kaylee is at the point to where she likes to "help" pick out her stuff. I might have to take your idea of topics.