Friday, August 26, 2011

How Pinteresting: Future Home Ideas

One of my boards on pinterest is nothing but ideas for our future forever home that we plan to build some day!  Here are some things I would love to have in our next house:

I really want a drop zone like this in our next house.  I think that they're so practical and they keep down the clutter in the rest of your house!

I think this is such a great idea.  When you have the doors open, you can easily access all of your appliances.  But then you can just shut the door to hide them when you have guests over and to give your kitchen a "cleaner" feel to it!

I *love* this kitchen.  Really - everything about it.  The ceiling, the stove area, the window, the different colored cabinets - everything!

Isn't this gorgeous?

I NEED to remember this for our next laundry room!  Heck, maybe even this one!  We hang SO MANY of our clothes to dry and I never have enough room for them all!

Maybe if my laundry room looked like this I wouldn't mind doing laundry so much?  A girl can hope.  ;)

I love the idea of having a family command center for bills, calendars, etc.  I'm an organizational freak, so I think this would be really helpful!

If you're not on pinterest yet, you're so behind the times.  ;)


Brittany said...

I love the kitchen nad organization center! They are to die for!!!!

Emily said...

i have a WAY better thing for hanging time you're over look at it! i got it at ikea and it ROCKS! on one of Z's atl trips he has to stop through ikea for me so he can get you one :)