Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cutest Dress EV-ER!

I am SO EXCITED about this post!  When Matt and I went to pick up LL on the Sunday morning after our staycation, Mrs. Becky told us that all LL needed for church on Sunday was some white shoes and a white bow.  I knew immediately that she had made her a new dress - I just didn't know that it would be the cutest thing that she had ever made!

Funny Not-so-funny store before I show you the dress: when I picked LL up from her class after church, they asked me to come inside the room because they "wanted to talk to you for a second".  Not. Good.  Basically, LL had pooped in her pull-up, and somehow, in the process of cleaning her up, poop had gotten EVERYWHERE.  And when I say everywhere, I mean....well....everywhere.  It was ALL OVER her dress (in places that I don't even know how they got poop there), AND all over her shoes.  Did I mention they were white?  The shoes?  Yeah, they were.  The best part?  So is the dress.  Completely white.  The brand new dress that is my favorite that she just wore for the first time that very morning.  Now covered in poop and handed to me in a 10 gallon trash bag.  Not.  Good.  Again.  We rushed over to Grammy's to perform emergency stain removal.  Good news - dress is back to beautiful!  Can't even tell!  On to the pictures...

Isn't it the most adorable dress you've ever seen?!

How cute is the back of this??  I love how it's just a tie back so that I KNOW the straps will fit.  I hate it when her straps are too long and fall off of her shoulders.  Hussies we are not.

Um - I love. with some personality thrown in.  Just for good measure!

I mean - isn't this the most beautiful dress ever?  And here's the best part - we worked crazy quick and already put this bad boy up on etsy.  Which means you can order one, too!  Here's a link to take you to the dress if you'd like one for your little girl, too!  LL sold separately.  JK.  I totally would never sell my child.  Unless it was for an obscene amount of money.  Seriously - I joke!



Unknown said...

Oh how I want a little girl next!!! Love the dress,and her sweet little face! Glad you could save the dress!

Joeylee said...

I love that 3rd to last picture, beautiful! I love that dress, it is so cute! My mom makes a lot of dresses/skirts for my girls

lasophia said...

That is soo cute! I wish I could sew. boo to me.