Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ben's Birthday - Part 1!

My sweet nephew Ben just turned 2 last week.  I was furloughed last Friday so Matt took the day off and we drove up pretty early in order to make in there by lunch and nap time.  Friday was pretty uneventful.  We got there at lunch, ate some chik-fil-a, and then LL and I took a nap.  When we got up, I headed out with Gino to pick Ben up from daycare.  We got back, ate dinner, the kids played, etc.  We did get P.F. Changs take-out for dinner and it was AH-MAZING!

Saturday morning we decided to take the kids to Discover Mills so that they could see the fish in the big tank at Bass Pro and also give Gino an empty house to get some stuff ready for Ben's party.  I tried to get a good pic of LL and Ben at the aquarium, but no dice.

                                          Take 1...

Take 2....

Take 3....

I guess with two 2 year olds, the odds were against me!  I did get a really cute one of Ben, though!

I did get some decent ones when neither of them knew I was taking one - haha.

They also have this huge shark hanging from the ceiling.  Shocker - LL wanted nothing to do with it.  But at least Ben would play along!!

This is where the day went downhill fast.  We stopped to let the kids play on the little rides that they put in the middle of malls.  We didn't put money in them or anything, but they had no idea and just enjoyed climbing all over them.  Well, LL was none too happy about leaving them when I told her it was time to keep moving.

  We did just a little bit of shopping (I needed new jeans) and I told her that if she was good we would ride the carousel.  She did great, and was super excited to ride a horse.  Then we decided to go to lunch.  This is when things got bad.  We went to Johnny Rockets, and I don't know if she was really tired, or what - but she was NOT behaving like we expect her to in public (well, in private, too, for that matter).  It was honestly her worst behavior ever in a public place.  She just whined and cried about EVERYTHING.  Matt ended up leaving lunch early with her and just walking with her around the mall to calm her down.  She did calm down to be appropriate in public, but she still was in a horrible mood.  She even cried in the car the entire way back to Laura's house.  Not cool.  But through it all - she never had an accident while we were out!  Glass half full, right??

Next up: Ben's party!


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Emily said...

love the pic of laura and ben in the shark's mouth!!!