Saturday, June 4, 2011

Impromptu Atlanta Trip

The Friday of the last day of school, Matt and I took a last minute trip that night to Atlanta.  Matt was going Saturday to Tennessee to help move his grandmother (MeeMee) from there to Valdosta, so we decided to leave a little early and I would just stay the whole weekend with my sister.  I didn't take a ton of pictures that weekend.  We just shopped, took the kids to the pool and park, etc.  I had a nice, relaxing weekend and it was good to be able to see my sister, Gino, and Ben.  I did get a few really cute pictures of LL at the park on Sunday that I wanted to share.  How can you not completely fall in love with this face?  :)



Emily Parker said...

too cute!!! i'm pumped for the savannah post :)

Gino said...

Ahh, you should have let me know you were going to post it - would've sent you the good pic I took of her at the playground to add.

Robyn said...

Send it to me! I'll add it to the post - or write another one! ;)