Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Firestation Visit

Last summer LL and I attempted to go to the fire station with Emily and her playgroup.  Let's just say that it didn't go well.  It was MEGA hot, LL was still kind of young for it (not even 18 months yet) and she totally didn't care anything about a firetruck.  Needless to say, we left early and it's not something that either LL or I was upset about doing.  So when Emily mentioned going back this year, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy.  I did finally say that we would go, but that I wouldn't promise that we wouldn't leave early again - haha. 

The playgroup was going again, but we didn't go with them.  We just called and said that it was a small group of us and they didn't seem to mind!  It was me, Emily, Crissy, and 5 kids (one for me, one for Emily, and three for Crissy - haha). 

All in all, it was kind of a bust for us again.  The fireman showed the kids how he puts on his fire suit (in an attempt to show them that he's not "scary").  LL was TERRIFIED.  She was sitting in my lap and she was literally shaking.  It kind of scared me to see how scared she was!  I mean, I've never seen her shake out of fear before!

I can totally see how this is pretty scary for a 2 year old.  I guess I don't blame her at all!
No joke - this is a pic of us while he was putting on all of his gear.  Can you tell that she's pumped?

Then he got out the hose so that all of the kids could turn it on an "hold" it.  LL wasn't down.  She didn't even want to go near him.  Then they were allowed to climb in the fire truck and I forced her to do it.  And she hated that, too!  Kye and Crissy's kids seemed to love it.  I guess we're just the party poopers of the bunch!

I did enjoy playing with Titus while the other kids were climbing the fire truck.  When we left, LL kept talking about how Titus was trying to "eat her arm" - haha.

Fireman Justin did give the kids some goody bags when it was time to leave that LL has been enjoying since then.  I can't promise that I'll go again next year, but I'll consider it.  ;)



Recording Megow Adventures said...

Titus is a "biter" he especially loves to "eat" ARMS and shoulders,,,sorry LL :-/

Emily said...

Lame! The firestation rocks!!!!! :)