Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Part 1

We are always sooo busy on holiday weekends.  We have three sets of grandparents in town (two belong to me, one to Matt) and it's always SUPER crazy trying to fit everyone in.  It's really getting to the point where Matt and I need to sit down and figure some new arrangements out.  As it is now, we're ALWAYS gone for holidays, and never home to celebrate by ourselves.  We were never home to celebrate Father's Day this weekend with just me, LL, and Matt.  That's not cool.

On Saturday, we headed over to Grammy and Pop's to eat lunch, nap, and then have Father's Day dinner.  After we ate lunch, Matt started cutting up some fruit for his grandmother (MeeMee), and it kind of turned into a mini-project.  He tried making a bowl out of the watermelon for the first time, and it actually turned out pretty good!

                                        First up: pineapple

LL is definitely a fan!

Next up: watermelon

Matt just laid down the first quarter of the watermelon that he sliced, and this is what happened.  :)

Silly girl!

She was a big helper!

Matt and his creation

The finished product - all hollowed out:

This was the only thing I contributed to the whole operation (other than taking pictures, of course): decorative edging

Pop and LL

LL and Grammy (can anyone guess the significance of the woman on the TV screen behind LL?  Anyone?  She played Lorelai Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls".  I don't think we've ever see that show....)



Tiffany said...

I know how you feel about the holidays, we live about 5 hours from our hometown and when we go it is never ending going from one family to another. Don't get me wrong we love seeing everyone but it is always so exhausting and hectic. This past christmas I made a rule that Riley will wake up to have christmas morning in our house and although the families weren't happy about it they understood! As for all the other holidays we just take them as they come!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

The watermelon basket is cute!!!