Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day in The Life

I've seen several other bloggers do this.  Basically, you take pictures of your ENTIRE day, and then write a post about this.  I know - it doesn't really seem like the most interesting thing in the world.  That's why I'm going to go ahead and tell you up front, this post is mainly for me.  I'm sure that one day when I have other kids, am older, etc., I'll wonder "what did I DO when I was 27, LL was 2, and we had all summer together?!".  I actually wish that I had done this the previous two summers.  I mean, what did I do all summer when LL was just 4 months old??  It sure wasn't a lot of blogging!  So I'm starting now.  Better late than never, right?  My hopes are to do this about once a month, just to have something to look back on later!  So if that sounds boring to you, you can just check back tomorrow for a more "regular" post.  If you do decide to try and stick this post out, it will be loooong.  You've been warned.  :) 

I'm posting this on Thursday, but this is actually our day from Tuesday, July 28, 2011.
LL - almost 2.5 years old

We all got up and going about 6:30.  While Matt and I got ready, LL hung out in our bed and ate some Cheerios.  Since it's a swim week, she has to eat SUPER early.  She can't have any food at all for 2 hours before swim, and her swim time is 9:00.  This presents a problem for us because she is like me - she is NOT hungry when she first gets up.  It usually takes her between 1-2 hours after waking up to really want breakfast.  So it seems like this is a horrible way to feed her breakfast, but she really only eats about half of a small cup of Cheerios.  Why make a nice breakfast if she isn't hungry to eat it?

After I got ready it was time to get her ready to go!  We have to leave home about 8:15 to make it to swim on time, so we don't have a lot of time in the morning.  I usually don't take her in her swim diaper because I'm worried that she'll go to the bathroom in it before we get there.  I usually just leave her in the top of her bathing suit and a diaper (or just reg clothes) and get her completely ready when we get there.  She is SO into coloring right now.  She is pretty much coloring all day at this point.  She'll color sometimes to up to 45 minutes which is a really long time for her!

Crazy Lola running around while I'm trying to get everything ready.

Then we headed to swim.  LL is completely obsessed with sponges right now.  In this picture, she's holding the sponges that we use to wash the cars.  Gross.  But she is so completely obsessed and insists on carrying them in the car.  Every day.  You can also see in her right hand that she has a make-up sponge.  She calls it "my makeup!"  She's obsessed with it, too.

LL's swim lesson starts at 9:00 and lasts for 10 minutes.  We are the first appointment of the day.  I thought I would like this, but I think next year that we'll ask for a little bit of a later one.  The few times that we were a little late and she saw someone go before her, she did much better.  So that's something I need to remember for next year.  Also, technically, this is the 6th week of swim.  It's supposed to be only 5 weeks, but we had to come one more for three reasons: 1 - a make up day for memorial day 2 - a make up day for her being sick one day, and 3 - teething completely threw her off and she needed two extra days to get her back on track.  Today SHOULD have been her last day, but she'll go for the rest of the week just to make sure she's doing good.

Swimming to the ledge like a big girl!  Can you see her little hands reaching for it?  So cute!

Starfishing her little heart out!

Swim has been SUCH a struggle for us this past week and she did sooo good today, that we stopped to get her some Chik-Fil-A for breakfast (remember the Cherrio non-breakfast?).  She was asking for it a ton.  It's so cute - she calls it Fish-A-Lay. 

We headed to Grammy's for an impromptu surprise visit and to eat our breakfast.  We ended up staying through lunch because LL was having a good time.  She's learning how to cut with scissors, so she played with her cut outs....

....danced with Grammy....

....and helped cook lunch!

She helped Grammy make sloppy joes and she did a great job.  They were really yummy!

You gotta hold your mouth right when you cook!  Do you see her and Grammy's matching aprons?  That was a Christmas present she gave to Grammy this past Christmas.

Isn't that little apron adorable??

Lunch time!

After lunch we headed home for nap time.  LL was exhausted and took a wonderful nap!  She slept from 1 - 4.  Not bad at all!

While she napped, I did a little blogging.  I spent most of the time cleaning, though.  I have really had the urge to get this house crazy clean lately, so I'm doing as much as I can while this urge lasts. 

Our office has ALWAYS been our catch-all place.  On top of that, I started to really organize the stuff to take out of here when I found out I was pregnant (because the office will be the nursery).  Then when all of the stuff started happening with the miscarriage, it just never got finished.  So, I'm embarrassed to show you, but this is what the office looked like before...

And this is after I got done!  I worked super hard! 

LL woke up at 4:00 and had her snack and movie time. 

While she snacked, I did some laundry...

...unloaded the dishwasher...

...and scrubbed my kitchen crazy clean.

LL decided to help me cook dinner!  We were having breakfast for dinner (my fav) and she did such a good job helping!

But she was totally not down for the breakfast idea.  What did she want?  Noodles.  This is what she asks for ALLLL the time.  What I've started doing when she wants this is making her chicken soup (the really hearty, chunky kind - Campbell's is usually what I get), and then just not giving her the broth.  She LOVES it, and I don't feel super horrible about giving it to her because it's pretty healthy.  It's also very quick and I use the about once a week for a quick lunch for her when she's bored of other stuff.  Then I just put what she doesn't eat in tupper ware and let her have it again when she asks.  It's a win-win situation!

Right before we ate, we discovered a problem: ants.  It's been so dry and dusty here, ants are trying to get in to find water.  It's a pretty common problem and one that we also had last summer.  The only thing that makes is worse this time?  This year they're getting in through our pantry.  They started coming in through our phone jack - we fixed it.  Then they started coming in through our window sill - they fixed it.  Now?  The pantry?  Remember that beautifully clean kitchen from earlier.  Yeah.  Not anymore.

We had to do through EVERYTHING to see if the ants were just ON it, or if they were actually IN it.  Not cool.  We kept most stuff out of the pantry, and I tried to put it as neatly as possible on the counter.

The Hubs got the vacuum and sucked the little boogers out. 

After the ant drama, we played for a little while, colored, etc.  After bath, it was my night to read to LL.  Also, another appearance from crazy Lola.

After LL went to bed, I had to do some homework for my gifted endorsement class.  I almost through with the first of four classes and I just want this whole thing to be over with already!  Bleh!  Doesn't this look exciting??  And, yes, I was writing with one of LL's crayola pens.

After my homework, the Hubs and I ate some fresh baked cookies that he made while I was homeworking, watched some TV, folded some laundry, and headed to bed! 


Joeylee said...

sounds like you guys had a great day!

Recording Megow Adventures said...

Stevie says, "chic fa Play" since we play there and eat chicken :)

Emily said...

why did i read this? i already knew 99% of it from our constant texting hahah!!!!