Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Traditions: The Christmas Tree Farm 2010

One of the really fun things about being a parent is that you and your spouse get to pick what traditions to carry on with your new family.  One of the things that Matt and I have been doing every year since we've been married is to go to Hambrick's Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our tree every year.  We used to take Lola with us before we had Lorelai, but it's pretty obvs who goes with us now!  Our trip last year was when we took the pictures for our Christmas Card!

This year we went on December 4th (a Saturday).  I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but I'm a for sure not one of those people who puts their tree up before Thanksgiving and leaves it up until New Years.  I like to put my tree up in early December and then take it down the week after Christmas.  This year was no different! 

She looks like SUCH a BIG girl!

Last year, December was a month filled with sickness for us.  This year has been nowhere near as bad as last year, but LL did have a little cold when we took her to the farm.  We decided to ask Gigi and Poppy to come with us so that I could try to get some good pictures of Lorelai running around the farm.  This plan worked out perfectly!  They chased her (and let her chase them) and I was able to really try to get some cute pictures!  They came with us last year, too, to help take the pictures for our Christmas card.  Who knows - they might have to start coming with us every year - haha.  She really had a blast and didn't seem to let her cold effect her at all!  She even found a cute little friend to play with.

"Smell the tree!"

Listening to instructions from Daddy.

Watching Daddy cut down the tree.

Deciding that it might be better to watch from a little further away.

"Sit down and tell Mommy 'cheese!'"
We found a really pretty tree and we all had a really good time.  This is one thing that I know for sure that we will be doing again next year!


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