Thursday, January 6, 2011

Circus Adventures

I'm finally starting to catch up and I'm going to *try* to do this in order!  Waaaaaay back in October, Meghan's parents gave me some free tickets for the circus.  Meghan's dad owns Laws Furniature Gallery  (yep, he's an eeeeaaaaasy credit guy!) and, because he's a local business owner, the circus gave him free tickets.  Since Matt had just started his job with Aflac, he couldn't really take off early to come with me, so I invited Emily and Kye along!  You can read all about her circus post and see her pictures here. 

I know this sounds horrible, but I've never really been to a circus before!  Even though I haven't really seen one first hand, I knew that this one wasn't going to be that great considering that it was in a parking lot.  Obvs.  But it was free and I knew the kids would have a blast regardless. 

Can you tell LL was eating dinner?  Haha.

We went to the 4:30 showing on the very first day that they opened.  I think this was good and bad.  Good because it was not busy at all.  Bad because they hadn't really worked out the kinks yet. 

It wasn't really the best night of my life, but it was really exciting to see it through Lorelai's and Kye's eyes.  They had a BLAST!  It was super hot and we had horrible seats, but the kids still had a wonderful time!  I don't think that I would pay to go, but it was awesome for being free!

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Recording Megow Adventures said...

I love the picture of you and LL in front of the circus tent, the colors are so cool!