Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas #3 (aka Christmas Morning!)

Christmas morning we all got up when LL did around 6:30 to do our Mullican Family Christmas at home!  If you haven't noticed from my Christmas Eve post, Opa and Oma drove down from Atlanta to spend Christmas with our family this year!  They spent last year's Christmas with my sister, so it was so neat to have them here!  LL was at a really fun age at Christmas time, so it was a really good year for them to come! 

We got up with Lorelai and waited in her room while she had her milk (she still drinks it when she first wakes up instead of with breakfast).  When she was done with her milk, we went out into the living room to see what Santa brought!!

Showing Lorelai that the milk and cookies were gone, and that the Santa key was back in the house!
Opening her stocking!

Bows, a toothbrush, sippy labels.....

Her steiff bear from Oma and Opa that they got for her on their trip to Ireland/Scotland.

After we opened presents, we all got ready to head over to Grammy and Pop's house for our last Christmas celebration.  Post to come!


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