Monday, November 8, 2010

Seminole Fans!

One random Wednesday, I got a facebook message from an old friend Rossie.  Matt and I both grew up with her in church (she is the same age as me) so we've known her for forever.  She lives in Tallahassee with her husband and she works for FSU somewhere in the Athletic Dept.  We haven't talked to her in years, but she sees Matt posting on facebook about FSU all the time.  She and her husband have season tickets to the FSU games, but weren't going to be using them on October 16, so she sent me a message to see if we wanted them.  Duh!  When I mentioned it to Matt, he was SUPER excited about it! 

I asked Matt's mom if she would be okay with watching LL, and of course she was fine with it.  We left about 9:00 in the morning, and made it there in perfect time.  They were playing Boston College, and ended up pulling out a win.  Here's some pictures from our day:

Chief Osceola and Renegade
Waiting for the game to start!

Throwing the spear.
Finally our side of the stadium was in the shade!
During half time the band did a 70's themed show and played a bunch of awesome music.  Can you tell that they're dressed in afros and stuff?
Can you see the garnet and gold guys?  They painted that junk on their bodies!  All they are wearing is shorts!

Bobby!  Matt was super excited about this statue.  The guy behind me while I was taking this asked who he was pointing to - haha.
A big thanks again to Rossie for the tickets!  We had an awesome time and it was so good to see you again after 10+ years!  :)

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Rossie said...

I feel so honored to have made it on your blog! :) I'm really glad you guys enjoyed the game. Thankfully it was a WIN! Let me know if you guys ever want to come to any other sporting event because I have tickets to basketball and baseball, too!