Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

I had Columbus Day (it was a Monday) off from school.  Emily is a member of a play group and I went with her to several activities (the Firestation, the Splash Park) with her this summer.  That same play group was all going to the Corn Maze in Hahira on Columbus Day, and Emily invited me to tag along.  I was completely for it because I figured that LL would have a BLAST.  They had a grain silo filled with corn kernels for the kids to play in, a huge PVC Pipe slide (that didn't work too well for the little little's), a hay ride, and the corn maze.  We had a good 30 + minutes to just hang around before the hay ride and the kids had a blast running around and playing.

How cute is this??
Buddies!  :)

Playing in the corn

Time to slide!

Then we went on the hay ride (which LL was TERRIFIED of before it started, but then ended up LOVING it) and then we did the corn maze.  I guess I just didn't think about it very well, but to have such a small child and such a BIG corn maze wasn't exactly the best idea.  Not to mention that it was very hot by this point and that there were ants EVERYWHERE.  We did a little bit of the corn maze, but then the kids were done (LL kept asking for me to hold her) so Emily and I just walked through corn until we were out.  We had a really good time, LL was exhausted when we left, and I'm happy that we went!
Holding hands!

Lunch time!

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Recording Megow Adventures said...

nice pics! Looks fun, we are going tomorrow with my sis :)