Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Even though I've only been back at school for 3 weeks, I was totally looking forward to Labor Day because it meant a long weekend for me.  Who doesn't love not having to go to work on a Monday??  It started out with not having much planned, but it turned into a pretty awesome weekend.

Saturday morning we drove to Lakeland with Grammy, Gentry, and Gray to go to the Flatlander's Fall Frolic.  If only it had felt like fall!  It's kind of like the Honey Bee, but all of the vendors are in a field versus being down the main street of the town. 

At the Fall Frolic, LL got to ride a horse for the first time!  At first, she was terrified, but once he started moving, she LOVED it!

Dancing to the music at lunch.

Gentry and Gray
After the Fall Frolic, we came home for nap time and for the first FSU game of the season.  Matt (and his dad) is a hardcore FSU fan, so he's been counting down the days to this game.  I watched a little of the game, but then decided that a nap was more up my alley.  :)

Sportin' her FSU gear.
After the game we headed over to Grammy and Pop's to eat our (early) Labor Day dinner with everyone.  Matt grilled some ribs and they were awesome. 

Loving some ice cream, or "cream!!!!" as she kept calling it.

Sunday was just a normal Sunday for us, except that Matt didn't have evening church!  It was cancelled because of the holiday and I so enjoy spending time with him on Sunday evenings since it doesn't happen that often!  We did go to Smokin' Pig after lunch, but it wasn't the best experience because LL was BEYOND tired.  I mean, we didn't even get there until 12:30 which is (mildly) past her nap time.  Not cool.

Monday morning was a girls' morning out so that Daddy could get some yard work done.  I picked up my mom (Gigi) and the three of us headed out to Target, Pet's Mart, the mall, and Chick-Fil-A.  It was such a fun morning!

Breakfast of champions: cheese toast, prunes, and a vitamin. 

Playing at the indoor playground at the mall.

Giving the "tuurdle" kisses.

I know this one is blurry, but I really love her face! 

Lunch time!
After lunch I headed home so that LL could nap and then I headed BACK to town to do my grocery shopping.  If you've ever grocery shopped with an 18 month old, you'll understand why I didn't take her with me.  :)  I haven't done bigger than just a quick grocery run in a couple of weeks, so this trip ended up being pretty big. 

Once I made it back and LL woke up, we headed over to Grammy and Pop's house to check out their new vehicle and eat dinner with them.

Being a good mommy to her baby!

Isn't their new car beautiful?!

Here's a really cute video we took of LL on Monday when she was acting out something for us.  It was like we were watching her act out a scene from a play.  So funny!

It was kind of a crazy weekend, but it was a really good one!

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