Sunday, September 19, 2010

19 Months!

Dear Lorelai,

Beautiful girl, you are 19 months old!  When I think about the fact that this holiday season is going to FLY BY and then, before I know it, we'll be at your birthday, it blows my mind!  You are growing entirely to fast and I can't seem to keep up!  You are a wonderful little girl.  You light up my entire world and you make EVERYONE smile!  Perfectly good strangers will stop to tell you how beautiful you are and to talk to you.

I always knew that I would think that my children were smart, but you really blow me out of the water.  You are waaaay beyond smart!  You are talking up a storm!  (You get it honest from your mommy)  You say a ton of two word sentences and are starting to say a couple of three word sentences.  Some of my favorite things that you say are: buddy Lola, my Sunny, love you, kiss kiss, and eat food.  In addition to saying tons of stuff that we can understand, you also talk alot of baby talk that I have no idea about!  I love it, though, because you say it so believeably. 

In addition to talking up a storm, you are walking and RUNNING up a storm!  You are NEVER still and by the end of the day, everyone who has spent time with you is exhausted!  I think that that is so great, though, and I love that you love to run and play.  I'm glad that you're not content to just sit and be lazy.  You definitely have an oppinion about what it is that you want to do!

You are an extremely funny girl.  You laugh and try to make others around you laugh as well.  That is such a great quality to me!  You've been back at Grammy and Pop's house full time since I've been back and school and you're learning so much!  Grammy and Pop are teaching you your letters and you come home with tons of "school work" in your backpack every day. 

You still love Lola (and Sunny!) beyond words!  When you say "buddy Lola", it is describing exactly how you feel about her!  She loves you, too, and I love to see the two of you playing together!

You have 12 teeth now!  You have your 8 front ones, and your 4 molars.  I have no idea when you'll get your canines, but I'm enjoying a happy non-teething little girl for right now!  You go to bed between 7:00 and 7:30 and wake up between 6:15 and 6:30 every morning.  You're drinking about 24 - 30 oz of milk a day.  You still wear a size 4 diaper and a size 5 shoe.  You really need some fall/winter shoes, but I'm waiting until it really starts cooling down to buy some so that I can see if you'll be in a 5 or a 6!  All of your 18 month clothes are fitting great, but I have all of your winter stuff in 24 or 2T because you are so TALL!!  18 month pants would be way too short for you buy the time spring gets here!

You have been showing quite the little temper lately, but we're taking it one day and one tantrum at a time.  Even during a tantrum, you are a VERY good listner and I can usually re-direct your behavior just by talking to you.  I LOVE that!

You're really starting to enjoy children your age now!   You ask for Ben and Kye alllll the time and you'll actually play with them if they're around.    It is so cute!  You also ask to watch videos of your online friend Kenzie ("Kenny"), and that's super cute, too.

You're very into giving kisses and hugs right now and it is my FAVORITE!!!

All of your night time sleep issues have finally gone away and our great sleeper is back!  We put you down awake, and we usually never hear another peep from you until the morning!  I don't know what happened there for about a month, but I sure am glad that it's gone!

I just love you more and more each day, precious girl! I want you to always know that God made you perfectly and that your Daddy and I prayed for you for a long time before you were even born. We love you more than anything!



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Emily said...

LOVE the 4th pic up from the bottom!!! I just measured kye's feet today and it's saying 5.5 what a strange size! i'm about to invest in shoes and hope they fit through winter...gah shoes are EXPENSIVE!!!!