Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daytona Beach - Day 3

Sunday morning we got up early (as usual!) but we got dressed and met Emily down at the beach super early so that we could take some family pictures.  We figured it would be easier to do one family one morning, and the other family the other morning.  That way the kids weren't all dressed up and waiting while the other family took pictures.  These pictures will be in a whole separate post. 

After the family pictures, we went back to the room to get beach ready and then headed down for morning #2 on the beach.  This day was even better because it was a little overcast so it was sweltering hot.  A nice change!  Lorelai is most definitely a beach girl!

I love this man!



This little girl LOVES birds!

They played so well together!  Here's a video!

This little guy popped out of the sand where the kids were playing (yes, I screamed like a moron when it ran towards me) so Matt caught it to show to the kids.  LL loved (and chased it around for the next 10 minutes) and Kye could really have cared less.

Time for some boogy boarding!

Chasing birds down the beach

Matt started feeding birds around our tent for LL.  She LOVED it!  She stood in the middle of them saying "ooohhh, bird!  oooohhh, bird!" over and over.  She was in heaven!  Here's a video of this same thing - if you listen to the end, the commentary gets pretty funny.  :)

Mommy kisses!

We headed back up at lunch time and fed the kids lunch and got them back down for a nap.  This day it was the girls' turn for some "free time" while the boys did nap duty.  Emily and I just headed down to the beach to lay out for a few hours and OF COURSE it started raining!  :(  We did manage to get about an hour at the beach in, but it still was kind of a bummer.

We decided to just order in some pizza for dinner instead of trying to take the kids to a restaurant (in the rain!) and the pizza was good, but suuuuper salty!  After dinner Matt and I stayed with Kye and LL while Zach and Emily walked across the street to get some ice cream (the 3rd night in a row!). 

After the kids went to bed, Zach and Emily came to our room to play Tripoly.  It's a game that Emily's family has been playing for a long time, and it's super fun.  It was even more fun tonight because Matt was really out of it so he was making crazzzy choices and being really funny.  Another great day at the beach!

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Erin said...

Liam really enjoyed your videos! The minute he saw LL and Kye, he started babbling some crazy, unintelligible nonsense to them. And then he was waving and saying, "Bye bye!"