Saturday, August 28, 2010

18 months!

Oh my goodness!  I had forgotten how extremely busy and tired I am when I'm working!  I am so behind on this post (LL will be turning 19 months NEXT WEEK!), but I'm better late than never!  So here goes....

Dear Lorelai,

A year and a half baby girl!  Oh my goodness!  I can hardly believe that you are halfway on your journey to being 2 years old.  Just for kicks, here's a picture of you from this time last year:

You have changed so much!  You are such a sweet, darling little girl!  You have been talking up a storm lately.  Your vocabulary is huge, but you are also talking a lot of "German" right now, too.  It's so cute.  You'll look at someone, rattle off a paragraph of nonsense, and then just stare so intently like "You got that, right?"  I LOVE it!

You went to the pediatrician for your 18 month appointment, and here are your stats: 23 lb 10 oz (45%) and 32 1/2" (75%)  I can't remember the stats for your head circumference, but you were in the 50% for that, too.  You are still tall and skinny!  I have no idea where you get that from!

You recently fell/jumped/crawled/climbed out of your crib, and scared the mess out of your mommy!  I have no idea how you did it, but you certainly can't do it again because Daddy put your crib on the lowest setting.  You have been having a rough little go a sleeping since then (I can't really blame you), but it's slowly getting back to normal.

You are still in love with Lola.  She really is your best friend!  You tell her "Wowa, mon! (Lola, Come on!)" all the time and it is so cute.  Lola loves you as much as you love her.  Especially when you share you "naks (snacks)" with her. 

You and I have had the best summer together.  We have had a blast hanging out in pj's, having play dates, going to the park, going shopping, playing in the pool, and just spending time together.  Sweetheart, I just want you to know that this has absolutely been the best summer of my life.  I can never tell you how much these 12 weeks have meant to me.  School will be starting soon, but I will keep looking forward to our next summer together! 

I'm really starting to see the little girl you are becoming.  You are strong, stubborn and opinionated (like your Mommy), but you have just enough adventurous, humor, cuddly-ness, silliness and sweetness (like your Daddy) thrown in to make you just a perfect little girl. 

I love you, little one, and I can't wait to spend the next month watching you grow even more!


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Emily said...

that mud pic turned out super cute!!!! i love the family ones too :)