Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grocery Cart

We don't normally shop a Publix because it is soooo far away from our house, but we needed some things specific to Publix, (plus I wanted a sub and Matt wanted sushi.  BTW - if you didn't know, Publix has the BEST subs EVER.  I discovered them when I was a lowly cashier in highschool.  Did you know I worked at Publix?  Yep - 3 years!) so we decided to make a little "outing" of it on Friday.  Actually, I don't think that we've EVER taken LL to Publix before.  I think she may have been with her Grammy and Pop before, though.  Anyway, if you haven't seen them, Publix has little (well, they're not little AT ALL) grocery carts that look like race cars.  We decided to let LL ride in one of those and she LOVED it!  I sure wish they had those at Winn Dixie!


Emily said...

i always shop publix and haven't ever noticed them...random! i never take Kye with me though b/c i overfill a cart each time i go :)

Recording Megow Adventures said...

Stevie and Neela LOVE these carts!! They never want to leave when we go. :) We shopped at Publix while on vacation this summer, and I really think going to Publix, getting their free cookie (did you know they gave each kid a free cookie at the bakery) and riding in that cart was more fun to them then the actual beach, pool, and all the other fun things we did, lol :)