Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gentry's Pictures

Gentry was in town the other day and Grammy had asked her to take some pictures of LL while she was here.  You might remember the pictures that she did here and here.  While we didn't get a lot of great ones (hello!  toddler who won't hold still!) there were a couple of cute ones. 

My favorite:

Matt's favorite:

These would be SO cute without the paci (grrr), but it was the only thing that kept her from fussing about the tutu.

We also invited Kye and Emily over to try and get some of him, too.  Same thing with LL, but there were a couple of cute ones of him, too.
Kye's favorite thing (golf)

We're going to go see Gentry in Tallahassee next Saturday for some mud pictures she's been wanting to do, so I'll post those pics when we get them.  You can see Gentry's website here.

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Emily said...

we had the same favs of LL!!! :)