Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Because Father's Day is always on a Sunday (and Sundays are CRAZY for us), we decided to celebrate Father's Day the Saturday before this year so that we wouldn't be rushed.  Present number 1 for Matt was letting him sleep in!  If you are a parent, you totally can understand what a big deal this is!  I played with Lorelai in the morning for about an hour, and then we made Daddy some breakfast in bed!  We made him scrambled cheese eggs, peanut butter toast, and cantelope.  He was so surprised!  It was so great to see his face when we walked in the room with the food and he realized what we had!

Later we gave him the rest of his presents.  He got a key chain and a book (Daddy Loves His Little Girl) from Lorelai and a pair of shoes from me!  The shoes that I originally wanted to get him were not there in his size, so I just picked another pair so that I would just have SOMETHING to give him.  I told him that it was totally fine with me if he wanted to exchange them for a different pair - which he ended up doing later.

The next day we celebrated with all of the grandfathers (minus my dad who doesn't live here) and we also celebrated at church.

In addition to the best daddy in the world, LL is also blessed with 3 amazing Grandfather's (and 2 fantastic uncles) that love her to death!  We had so much to be thankful for this Father's Day!

Lorelai and Poppy

Lorelai and Daddy, Pop, and Uncle Bryan
Lorelai with Opa

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Emily said...

great family pic of you guys!!! yay for us being so blessed to have AWESOME daddies for our kids!