Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night

Last Saturday Matt and I asked my mom to come over and put LL to bed for us so that we could go out on a date night.  We haven't been on a date since our anniversary date in Atlanta at the beginning of June, and all of our weeks/weekends are crazy until school starts.  We wanted to sneak in a little date before it was too late! 

We decided to go to Red Lobster, but not to really order a full dinner.  Instead, we just ordered an appetizer of calamari (which is HUGE) and split it.  It was a great idea because we didn't get mega full, we LOVE it, and it wasn't as expensive!

After our "dinner" we headed to the movie theater to see Eclipse.  I had seen in before with Emily, Chrissy, Ashley and Casey the night that it came out, but Matt hadn't seen it and actually wanted to.  I didn't mind seeing it again!  I actually think that it was a really good movie!

After the movie we didn't do anything exciting - just headed home, but it was a nice little date night and it was much needed!

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Emily said...

it's SO tough to MAKE myself go on date nights! Good for you guys for doing it and for encouraging me to do it more often :)