Wednesday, July 7, 2010

17 Months!


Well, sweetheart, 17 months is here!  I don't know what it is about this number, but it sounds so big to me!  In just a mere month, you will be a year and a half old!  Wow!

This is a picture of you a year ago.  My at how you've grown!

We have had another great 4 weeks home together! We have been going to swim lessons 4 days a week and you are currently in your last week of lessons.  Only 2 more days of swim until next summer.  You do not like swimming lessons AT ALL, but you are doing fantastic at it!  You scream, cry, and even growl during your lessons, but the biggest thing of all is that you are DOING IT.  You are grasping the concept and doing what Margie wants you to do.  And you are surviving.  And floating.  But, as Margie says, you are a swimmer, not a floater.  You absolutely HATE doing Starfish.  I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when you are 4 and can swim like a fish with no fear of the water.

We just took a trip to Atlanta to see Oma and Opa over the 4th and you did awesome.  You weren't scared of the crib there at all like you were last time.  And you just loved on your Oma, Opa, and Arthur until you had them all wrapped around your little finger.  You were an angel on the car ride which is a MAJOR blessing that you're getting better at traveling.  It was a little sketchy there for awhile.  Our portable DVD player broke awhile back, so you haven't had that to entertain you, but you haven't needed it!  Yay!

One huge thing that you've learned these past 4 weeks is that you can nap in the car!  This was also something very sketchy for awhile!  You actually took an entire 1 1/2 hour nap in the car on the way to Atlanta!  Yay!  And anytime that I put you in the car after lunch somewhere, you conk out in about 5 minutes.  It's so cute and I'm glad that you're learning to do it again!

Lola is still you best friend.  I was just telling Daddy last night that I feel like you guys are evenly matched right now.  She used to tower over you and I was so scared of her hurting you.  Now it seems like you are the same size equivalent.  Probably in about the next 2-3 months you're going to start giving her a run for her money!  You've also started calling Bono by name ("Babo") and it is one of my favorite things!  You'll go to the door or the window and beat on it and just holler for him.  It is so adorable!

It's official - you have also outgrown all of your flip-flops and are now in size 5 shoes.  When I try to put your flip flops on, they leave a mark in between your toes, so I feel bad making you wear them right now.  You've also outgrown your Nike's and your Converses, but I'm not going to buy you anymore close-toed shoes until closer to fall because, with my luck, you'll be a size 6 by then!

You have been talking up a storm lately!  You are literally learning new words every single day!  Your word count is up to 62 words with a few two-word sentences thrown in!  A friend sent me a message and said that her pediatrician said that you are talking on a 24-month-old level!  Wow!  That's 7 months ahead of the game, sweetheart!  Imagine how you'll be talking by then!

I know that every parent thinks this about their child, but I really and truly know that you are so smart.  It just amazes me how well you pick up on things, what you understand, and what you are able to tell us back.  You are just so so so smart! 

Your new thing lately is that you want to see how many things that you can hold in one hand.  Flowers, toys, anything.  The other day at Cracker Barrell you got 7 of those little pegs from the peg game in one hand!  I don't know why this is so important to you, but you do it all the time!  It is really cute.

In the next couple of weeks (especially when swim is over) I think that we're going to start working on potty training.  I just feel like you can get it and that I don't want to wait until 2.  That just seems way too old for me.  We're going to give it a go and see what happens.

I love you so much.  I feel like I tell you that all the time, but that I never tell you that enough.  I love being at home with you and I don't even want to think about this summer coming to a close.  You are the little girl that I always wanted and God has definitely blessed me beyond what I deserve.  You are perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful daughter!

I love you!


Emily said...

Kye is OBSESSED with holding EVERYTHING in his hands at the same time. It's so annoying b/c he gets SO mad when he can't do it haha! You have more patience than I do if you think it's cute :) I can't get over how many words LL can say! She's a big girl for SURE now!!! I'm glad you're giving the potty training a can help lead me in the right direction when our time comes :)

Crissy Megow said...

This was such a sweet blog entry! Don't you just love having a little girl, they are so precious! Stevie Joy use to love holding lots of things in her hands too, especially spoons for some reason, she's so silly! You are such a wonderful mommy and I am glad we are becoming closer friends :)