Monday, March 22, 2010

Night in Adel

I'm so behind in blogging!  It's terrible!  I feel like once I get behind, it's really hard to get the motivation to catch up. So this post was SUPPOSED to be done about 3 week ago, but I'm just getting to it. Isn't that horrible? Oh well, here we go!

About 3 weeks ago I had to work the concession stand at a baseball game for school (it's called "Involuntary Volunteers" how crazy is that?!) from 3:45 - 5:00. I knew that I wouldn't be getting home until around 5:30 and that really limits my time with Lorelai. It was a Friday, so Matt was home all day with her and I asked him if he would come and hang out with me during the game and then we'd all go to dinner. That way I could get my "volunteering" done and still spend time with my family. Plus, Clair was working the concession stand with me and I knew she'd love spending time with LL, too.

Momma Clair!

Loving on LL

Matt came to the school around 3:00 because some of my "good" little girls had been begging me to see her. We left the school around 3:30 to head to the baseball field. It wasn't desperately cold, just chilly, but CRAZY windy. That part was not so fun. For the most part, LL did really well. She walked around with Daddy, played with a softball, and kept trying to eat grass. :)

Walking with Daddy!

We got to leave a little bit early (thanks to a co-worker to volunteered to take my place!) and we headed to 41 Feed Store. My friend (and co-worker) April is married to a chef and he just opened a new restaurant in Adel called 41 Feed Store (because...are you ready for this? used to be the old feed store...on 41. haha.) April had been telling me wonderful things about it, so we've been really looking forward to trying it out. I just had no idea when we'd go because I'm NEVER in Adel unless I'm working, and it's a crazy long drive to go home and then all the way back for dinner. This way it worked out perfectly!

Because we go there so early, there was only one other table with people. That was really okay with me, though, because LL was a little fussy and I was happy that there weren't a lot of people there for her to disrupt. The food ended up being SOOOO good! We had to order LL her own kid's meal (for the first time!) because neither of us ordered her anything that she would like. The great thing about the kid's meals there is that they only charge you to cover cost. So for what you get (for kids) is mega cheap!

Matt's dinner - steak, fried corn on the cob, and spinach.

My dinner - Crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

I really, really loved the food and we're planning on going back for Matt's birthday with my Dad. If you're looking for a new restaurant to try, this is an awesome place!

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Emily said...

when i saw these pics on your fb I asked Zach if he'd ever heard of that restaurant and he said no so I figured it was out in the sticks where you live haha!!! also btw matt looks mega tan in that picture with LL...has he been hittin up a tanning bed?!? i did a post with our game night too but I've done so many you may not have seen it! good luck catching up! :)