Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blueberry Lover

We had my mom and Victor over last Friday for some ribs. Victor had never had any food that Matt had smoked on the smoker, so he worked all day on smoking some ribs and some chicken. This is also the day that our neighbor caught our yard on fire (post to come!), but he managed to still keep our house from burning down, take care of LL, AND cook dinner! That's multi-tasking if you ask me!

Since we were cooking dinner, my mom brought over dessert. She made a blueberry cobbler. I'm not a huge cobbler fan (well, I'm not really a huge dessert fan), so I didn't eat any, but LL LOVED it! We knew she loved blueberries, but we've never given her anything like this before! My mom and Victor are pretty healthy eaters, so this was actually a low fat/low calorie cobbler, so I didn't feel so bad about giving her some!

Here are some more adorable pictures of our blueberry baby!

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