Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiny Bubbles

A while ago I took LL to my friend Margie's pool house for a party for her granddaughter, Lily.  I worked for Margie for two summers in a row teaching swimming.  She owns a business named Tiny Bubbles and she teaches infant survival swimming, as well as upper level stroke swim classes.  She also does fun swim days, birthday parties, etc.  I worked teaching a beginning stroke class for Margie for the two summers before I had LL.  I didn't enroll LL in swimming this past summer because she was too young (babies start at 6 months - we didn't reach 6 months until August), but she will most definitely be in swimming this summer!  Well, at Lily's party, all the kids got in the pool to swim for a little bit.  It is a heated indoor pool, so no worries about chilly weather!  I didn't bring LL a swim suit (her's was too small as she wore it this past summer!), so we borrowed a swim diaper, and Margie got in the pool with her!

  I didn't actually expect for her to get in the pool at all while we were there, so I was glad to have my camera!  Margie didn't really do anything with her other than get her used to the water.  She did lay her back, though, and to my suprise LL was completely relaxed!  She didn't freak out at all!

 Margie said her body wasn't stiff at all and you can tell by her legs in the pictures (they aren't straight, they're bent).  I was so proud of my girl!  This was the first time she's EVER done anything like this and it really makes me look forward to swim this summer!

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