Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Month of Sickness :(

The day before Thanksgiving (while we were on vacation at the cabin in Hiawassee), Lorelai got a runny nose and started getting a little cold.  It really made for a horrible vacation, but we thought it would pass relatively easily once we got home.

Well, we got home and it didn't get better.  Mrs. Becky called Dr. Megow's office one day to see if there was anything we could do.  They said that as long as she's not running a fever, we just had to wait it out.  Well, that Thursday (exactly a week after Thanksgiving) LL took a nap when she got home from Mrs. Becky's (pretty rare).  When she woke up, she was extremely fussy and refused to eat any dinner.  She felt a little warm to me, so I took her temp and it was 99.8.  I use an under-arm thermometer, so you have to add a degree.  This means that her temp was really 100.8.  Anything 100.5 or up is considered a fever on a baby.  I talked with Matt and we decided that we had tried enough on our own and that it was time to go to the doctor.  Being that it was about 6:00, we decided to take her to YPAC.  YPAC is at Smith Northview Hospital and stands for Youth and Pediatric Afterhours Clinic.  It's a walk-in clinic that's open Monday - Thursday from 6-9.  It's a WONDERFUL alternative to the ER or Convient Care.  Well, we literally walked right in!  We were in and out of that place in 40 minutes!  It turns out that she had a double ear infection (meaning that she had one in each ear).  We picked up some antibiotics and assumed that we were on our way to having a happy, healthy baby again.

Then, Saturday the 19th of December (a little over a week later), Lorelai's fever came back.  She was still on her antibiotics for her ears, but she still was fussy, had a runny nose, and now had a fever and a cough to go with it.  Matt had practice at church all day that day for the upcoming cantata, and my mom was in Atlanta having Christmas with my sister, so Mrs. Becky met me at Youth Care at SGMC Saturday morning to get her checked out.  We were the first ones there, so we got back first (obviously).  The doctor looked at her, I told him what had been going on with her ear infections, sickness since Thanksgiving, etc and he let me know that, not only did she still have her ear infections, but she also now had Bronchitis.  Great.  He gave me a great big list of meds for her to take to get rid of the ear infections AND the bronchitis.  She got an antibiotic for her hears, a steroid for her congestions, baby Claritin for her congestion/allergies, and medicine for her nebulizer to help decrease inflamation in her lungs.  Poor baby!  She was now taking three meds and a breathing treatment in the morning, and a med and a breathing treatment in the evening!  Plus tylenol when needed AND a humidifier!  Talk about stressed. 

I was really worried there for a little while, because everything seemed to get WORSE Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Finally, Matt and I could tell that she passed over the hump on Wednesday (the 23rd) and she's slowly been getting better ever since!  My mommy-gut told me the whole time that something was really wrong with my baby and that she needed meds - but no one would do anything for me until it got out of control.  I, by no means, think that you should give medicine to a baby unless they really need it, but I feel like all of this could have been avoided if she had been given an anithistimine the Monday after Thanksgiving when we called.  It would have saved a lot of time, a lot of stress (especially for my baby) and a couple hundred dollars!

Today (the 30th), she's had no runny nose and no coughing!  Well, she coughed when she choked on some food at snack time, but I don't think that counts.  :)  So, finally after 6 weeks, my healthy baby is back!

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