Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Game Night

The Friday before Christmas (the day before we found out that LL had bronchitis) we got together with Clint and Sarah to have a game night!  We used to have game nights with them allllll the time, but we haven't had one since I was still pregnant with Lorelai! 

I was super excited because we really haven't seen them much since Lorelai has been born and I was excited to spend some time with them again.  They met us at our house around 5:20 and we all rode together to Smokin' Pig.  We had a great meal and then headed back to our house because we had to get LL down for bed before we could play games.

After she was down for the night, we (of course) had to take some pictures:

Matt tried to be romantic and dip me, but with sock and hardwood flooring, he ended up dropping me instead.  And, of course, Sarah was standing there with a camera.  :)

After picture taking, we let the game time begin!  We played Catch Phrase (the singing version), Mad Gab, and Loaded Questions.  Here's a video of us playing Catch Phrase - it's pretty funny!  We had such a wonderful time and we even woke LL up a couple of times laughing so hard!

We had a blast and I hope we start doing this again more often!

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