Friday, December 18, 2009

10 months!

I really need to get better about posting these more "on time", but it just seems like we're so busy!  It also seems like she's not changing quite as much between months as she did before.  But I shall update for the sake of updating, anyway!

This past month has been full of one thing that I am NOT super excited about: sickness!  My poor baby has been on again/off again sick (post to come) since Thanksgiving!  And we're still not over it completely!  I'm just praying super hard every day that this will go away so that my baby can be completely well again! 

1- Solid Food.  Since she's been sick, LL hasn't been a super-eater, but I don't know that I blame her.  I'm never super hungry when I'm sick, either.  Don't get me wrong, she still eats fine and enough, just not with as much enthuasism as we've seen in the past.  I feel for sure that it will come back strong when we're completely over this sickness, though!  One thing I have noticed, though: she is really starting to prefer solid "adult" food over her baby food.  I still force her to eat her baby food at every meal, but I'm finding that I'm having to rush through it because she's fussy because she wants "real" food!  I'm really not complaining as I've looked forward to this since she was born, but I am hanging onto the babyfood for a little while longer because, for some reason, it makes me feel like I'm in a little more control over her nutrition.  Some of her favorite "real" foods are: black olives, collard greens, turkey, chicken, and asparagus.  All of that but the turkey and chicken really surprises me!  But I love it!  She's a WONDERFUL eater and I don't think we could ask for much more.  There's not really anything that she won't eat - just things that she prefers more than others.

2- Sleeping.  This has changed dramatically in the last month and, suprisingly, for the better!  We've gone from getting up multiple times in the night to give her a paci, to NEVER getting up to give her a paci.  Why you ask?  Because she doesn't take her paci anymore!  Not while she's sleeping, anyway!  She still uses the paci as a sleep aid when she's trying to go to sleep for her naps, but she doesn't use it when she's sleeping for her naps, and she doesn't use it at all at night anymore.  Period.  She hasn't had a paci at night in about 2 weeks, I would guess.  The reason?  She's been so sick (and so stuffy) that she can't suck on it.  If she sucks on her paci, she can't breathe because her nose is clogged.  It was not my ideal way to wean her off of her paci, but it works!  We get up once a night now for a bottle, and that's it.  And that's usually around 4:30.  We've also dropped her dream feed.  It was crazy because we were feeding her a bottle before bed, a bottle 2 hours later, AND getting up in the middle of the night for a bottle.  Well, we've dropped the dream feed, but increased the ounces that she gets right before bed.  Next goal: no more night feeding at all!  Another plus - as soon as we put her down for bed at night, she goes to sleep.  Immediately.  No talking, playing, etc.  She's just out!

3- Standing.  It's official - we have a stander!  The longest that she's stood without holding onto something is about 10 seconds, but she's getting to where she is doing it alot now.  I'm counting it as standing now that she's doing it consistently.  She had done it once or twice before, but it was very sporadic.  She's doing it all the time now!  Maybe walking by New Years???

4- Talking.  We've added a new word: uh-oh!  She's only said it twice, but both times she said it right after she dropped something, so I know that she understands what it means.  I can't wait to hear more and more!  She's also taken to talking (yelling?) either Wow! or Woah!  She doesn't do it to mean anything, but it is soooo funny!  We've gotten several videos of it and I can't get enough of it.  So cute!

5- Bath time.  This little girl has decided that she LOVES bath time!  Our normal routine is that we'll eat dinner, play in her room for about 30 minutes as a family, bath, bottle, and then bed.  Well, if she's felt that she's played long enough, she'll just crawl into the bathroom by herself and start banging on the side of the tub.  It is SUPER cute!  So now when it's time for bath, we'll strip her down and let her crawl in there by herself insead of carrying her.  She goes so fast because she's so excited - it's one of her favorite parts of the day!  Here's a video of her booking it as fast as she can!

6-Giving Kisses.  This is one of my new favorite things.  Lorelai really gets what it mean to give someone a kiss, now.  She won't do it everytime you ask for it, and sometimes she'll do it without you asking for it.  One of Matt's favorite times with her was when they were playing in her room and she crawled over to him and kissed him square on the mouth - with no prompting at all!  I love, love, love it and I always ask for a million!  Here's a video of her giving me a ton of kisses after school one day!

7- Teeth.  Still just those two on the bottom!  And no more in sight!

8- Hair.  LL finally has enough hair that I'm starting to be able to do "styles" with it!  We have three options right now: 1- down (and usually with a bow).  This is what we do most often. 2- What we call her "sprout" and what my parents used to call an "onion head".  It's basically one ponytail right on the top and middle of her head.  For us, it's on the top and right in the front. 3-pig tails!  This one is my favorite!  I think she looks like Cindy Lou Who (from The Grinch) and I'm super excited to finally be able to do this with her hair.  Grow, hair, grow!

9- Eyes.  Still blue!  And not a trace of changing!

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Emily said...

so do you even give her the paci at night or she just totally falls asleep without it? I'm jealous! also for the kisses...kye is not a kisser!!! it's funny how the months are differing as much now...soon these two will seem the same age :)