Sunday, November 8, 2009

Surprise Visit!

I was texting my sister about a week and a half before Halloween, and I jokingly said that I missed her and she should come for the weekend.  She texted back and said that she actually had been thinking about it!  It turns out that Gino was going to have to work all weekend, and she was thinking of driving here with Ben for a short visit.  It all worked out and she ended up coming the weekend before Halloween.  Matt and I had not seen been since he was less than a week old - he is almost three months now!  Laura hadn't seen Lorelai since she was 6 months old and she has changed SO MUCH since then.  I was so excited that they were coming!  It was a short visit - she came late Friday night and left early Sunday morning, but it was better than nothing!  We spent the day Saturday at my mom's house just playing with the babies, napping, and enjoying having almost all of our family together.

 Lorelai loves Ben and does really great with him.  She wants to touch him, and tries to talk to him, but I think she has a hard time understanding why he's not playing back with her.  She's used to Kye who is a month younger than her (but bigger than her, haha!) and he's able to move around and talk back to her, so Ben is a little different for her.  She still is super sweet to him and I love seeing them together.

Matt's mom stopped by for a little bit to see Ben, too.  She hasn't seen him in person at all, and she had to come to mom's neighborhood anyway, so she came over for a little bit to play with the kids, too!

I also like snuggling with a little baby!  It seems like Lorelai was just that little yesterday, but then it also feels like a lifetime ago.  Now that LL is crawling, it is funny to me that you can put Ben down and he stays!  How easily we forget!  It was a great visit and I can't wait to see them (plus Gino!) when they come for LL's dedication!
Gigi with Ben!

Gigi with both of her grandkids!

LL wants Ben's paci!  There's even a string to pull it out with!

Snuggling with mommy!

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