Monday, September 28, 2009

From Toothless Rufus to One Tooth Ruth

In one week, we have gone from a toothless non-crawler, to a baby who is not only mobile, but also has a tooth!  Last Wednesday night we had a ROUGH night.  LL cried a lot during the night and we were in and out lots (both of us) to give her her paci.  In the morning, we found out why - her first tooth broke through some time during the night!

The day before I noticed that there was a dark red spot on her gum - it almost looked like a bruse.  Turns out, that was our sign that a tooth was going to break through!  We could never see or feel anything (other than that bruse the day before) to warn us that it was going to happen.  Her attitude was the only sign and we've been experiencing that for almost 6 weeks!  She never got a runny nose, diareaha, white spots on her gums, swollen gums, etc.

 Almost a week later, it is STILL to small to capture on film camera, though.  We can see little white dots poking through, but they are very small and she likes to cover them up with her tongue.  They are there, though!  And you most definitely can feel them!  I had a talk with LL on her 7 month birthday, and I told her that her goals were to lean to crawl and to get a tooth this month.  She has accomplished both of those things with two weeks to spare!  I think that we are already teething again, though.  She has been mega fussy yesterday and today, not eating well, refusing to sleep, and just overall irritated.  That is not my baby! 

Hopefully this next tooth will come through sooner than the last one, and hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of it soon!

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Emily said...

UGH so lucky!!! Kye's gums have been sooo thin and I can feel where the tooth is but it just won't pop up! I'm praying teething gets easier from now on though!!!