Monday, September 7, 2009

A day at the park

Since Matt and I both had the day off for Labor Day, we decided that we wanted to wake up and take Lorelai to the park! We have talked about taking her to the park a TON, but we've never actually done it. The closest we've gotten is playing on the swing set in my Dad's yard. Of course, LL was off her schedule and napping at crazy times (she had been hard-core teething) and I wasn't feeling so great (I was extremely nauseous the night before and had taken a some medicine, so I was still very very sleepy), but we decided to go anyway. LL was pretty tired and ready for a nap by the time we got there, but she did great anyway!

We got there about 9:45 so there were not a lot of people there at all. We went to McKey park right next to VMS. There were only about 3 other kids when we got there, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.
I really like for LL to spend time outside. I think it is VERY important for kids to be outside as much as possible. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to do it very often because it is so stinkin' hot here and we don't have any shade trees in our yard. She loved being at the park! She just looked around and studied everything!

Here's a video of her going down the slide with daddy:

We rode down slides (I put my feet down this time!) and played in the swing. She really loved the swing! She wasn't really smiling a lot because she was so tired and there was so much to look at, but we could really tell that she enjoyed it. Around 10:30 it started to get really crowded, so we took a break at a picnic and gave LL some water to drink and fed her a snack (some banana puffs and some strawberry yogurt melts). She just drank her water, ate her snack, and watched other kids play. It was so sweet! Here is a video of her swinging:

I had seen some pictures that Emily had posted of Kye at the park in their neighborhood that looked just like this, so we decided to try it. They didn't turn out nearly as good as the ones of Kye doing the same thing, but at least we tried!

Here's a video of her going down the slide with mommy:

After we played at the park, we walked over to the little bridge and took some pictures there, and then we headed home. She had a good time and I can't wait to take her back when she's a little more awake and ready to play!

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